EFC - Jim Rogers' Visit in China

"China is a very attractive choice for equity investments," Jim Rogers said. Rogers never hides his love for China. During April 23 to April 27, Jim Rogers came to China again, shared his investment ideas with Chinese investors, and gave his economic forecast.
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SHANGHAI, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 23, Jim Rogers began his 5-day tour in China; this time he visited three cities in China: Chengdu, Shanghai, and Beijing. At each city, he brought a wonderful lecture to local investors. His tour event was specially supported by EFC and 21st Century Business Herald.As a creative and innovative real estate, EFC uses new ways to perfectly combine finance and real estate to forge the biggest high-end commercial real estate in Hangzhou. This view coincides well with the idea of Jim Rogers' real estate investment. The correspondence is a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation.

Jim Rogers is an American businessman, investor, and author. He is currently based in Singapore. Rogers is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc. He is the co-founder of the Quantum Fund and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI). Many investors consider him a legendary master, but he said that all his successes are based on his experience.

On April 23, Jim Rogers first came to Chengdu where he met some eastern business leaders here and discussed new investment opportunities with them. As representatives of the host, the spokesman of the official Wealth Spring Forum delivered a welcome speech to all the guests. He expressed sincere thanks to Rogers and said, "The purpose of this forum is to find new ideas and opportunities for extensive cooperation. For regular investors, how to they overcome greed? Let us seek inspiration from Jim Rogers' investment wisdom."

Rogers' speech satisfied audience's expectations; he shared experiences, ideas, and networks with Chinese investors. In addition, he expressed his love for Chengdu; in his opinion, Chengdu is the best choice to live in China, because people can enjoy a good quality of life within a beautiful environment. Beside the investment, Rogers knows how to entertain himself and enjoy life. This event was also supported by Sichuan Shangshan Mingshi Club, Changjiang Guanghua Limited Liability Company, Future Centre, and Sichuan Deshang investment Co.

After the successful event in Chengdu, Jim Rogers arrived in Shanghai on April 24, where he attended the Financial Leaders Forum in the afternoon. This forum was hosted by Caizhidao, and specially supported by CBN, PPTV, 21st Century Business Herald, and EFC. Rogers addressed the main issues that investors face nowadays and discussed tools and strategies to help investors thrive under challenging times. He told the audience that he lived with his wife and two young children in Singapore, and the two children are learning Mandarin. He believes that in the 19th century, the future belonged to British, in the 20th century, the future belonged to the USA, but in the 21st century, China owns the future. After his speech, Rogers interacted with the audience. Some lucky listeners had a chance to ask him some questions about investing and other topics. Roger's gracious speech and answers were rewarded with rounds of ardent applause from the audience.

As the capital of China, Beijing was the last stop of Jim Rogers' speech. At the Global Fortune Forum, which was hosted by Goldenway24k and co-organized by Cnforex and Globalpeople, Rogers gave his economic forecast. He thought railway finance and the baby products industry may have potential to increase in the future. In Beijing, problems about hazy weather are inevitable, but Rogers still sees the opportunity. He said, "Since the Chinese government has said it intends to invest significant resources into cleaning up pollutions, railroads, and healthcare, focusing on related stocks will do well."

He expressed his belief that because both bank deposits and bonds have very low yields, even lower than CPI, and because of the high volatility in China's stock market, Chinese investors have seen real estate as the best investment. It is generally known that Rogers prefers high-quality and low price products, and he believes that the real value of money should be used to purchase low price items but with lots of value. So with this concept, maybe he would buy a colonial house and some property in China when prices are low. Liju Chen, vice president of Construction Engineering Group, also gave his perspective on this issue. He insisted that real estate companies should not simply sell houses, as this game is harder to maintain in the Internet era. Thinking about how the Internet era affects us is the only way to change ourselves.

EFC is located in the core area of the future science and technology city in Hangzhou. As the international upgraded version of the commercial complex of the Europe Centre (EAC), EFC has planned massive leading commercial real estate in Hangzhou. EFC cites the magnificent and classic features of European architecture, uses forward-looking vision, focuses on business incubator platforms, and cooperates with a top global designing team to build the ideal entrepreneurial city. EFC hopes to forge a financial landmark to get together European and American financial elites and master the trends of new financial era. EFC sticks to advancement and keeps pace with the time by keeping track of the pulse of fashion and market at every minute.

Source: 21st Century Business Herald