Famous Experts Reviewed "Architectural Works" in Wujiang, Crowd Sourcing and Innovation for the "Way of Development" of Qipao Town

China Wujiang - Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition was Rounded off Successfully

SUZHOU, China, Nov 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The expert review meeting for China Wujiang - Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition was held on October 29. Chang Zhou, the professoriate senior architect, national first-class certified architect, and an expert receiving a special government subsidy of the State Council, served as the chairman of the panel of expert judges, which was consisted by Chang Zhou and other 9 authoritative experts from universities and institutes as well as the leading architects of architectural circles. Based on the standards of review such as whether the appearance of the work is graceful, the intrinsic echo degree of architectural image and the features of the small town, and the revelation and inheritance of cultural connotations and humanistic spirit, the panel of expert judges made the final review for 99 entries from home and abroad. Eventually, the works of Weihao Tang's team won the first prize of the competition.

China Wujiang - Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition was hosted by the People's Government of Suzhou Wujiang District, co-hosted by Wujiang Taihu New City Urban Administration Committee and Wujiang East Taihu Ecological Tourism & Resort Zone, and organized by Builtop Group Co., Ltd. and Time+Architecture Journal. Xinhua News Agency Jiangsu News Center also gave great support to the competition.

Themed on "Traditional Culture + Craftsman's Spirit" and aimed to the core buildings of Qipao Town, the invitation for competition was sent to domestic and foreign architectural elites. The planning and construction of "five core galleries" (Qipao Museum, Qipao Research Institute, Qipao-themed Hotel, Qipao Women's College and Qipao Outdoor-Show Venue) were initiated as priorities. The objectives of the competition were to utilize outstanding architectural designs to inherit historical and cultural heritages and vitalize urban public spaces, and to guide the urban development of the small town with high-quality cultural products and innovative designs through "crowd sourcing and innovation" and "cultural creativity", so as to create the unique cultural features of the Qipao Town.

It is reported that the competition has received extensive attention from both public and professional fields since the announcement was published on August 5. And the works participating in the competition showed a "Three High" tendency: high quality of works, high proportion of overseas participants and high educational and professional status. By the deadline of October 8, the Organizing Committee had received 99 entries in total. In all the submitted works, most of the domestic participants are from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guangdong, and most of the overseas participants are from the United States, Germany and Japan, which accounts for 9.09% of the total participants. The participants with master and above higher educational degrees accounts for more than 49.5% of the total participants.

The Architecture Design Competition was rounded off successfully with the efforts of all parties. Wujiang, a small Qipao town with big dreams, will further adhere to high standards and high positioning, and constantly strive for perfection in project construction and industrial investment. Meanwhile, Wujiang will also adhere to inheritance and innovation, and attach highly importance to culture shaping, especially in terms of building the brand relying on the high-end carrier of Women's College, so as to make Wujiang as a Qipao Town with strong substance, a sense of morality, and human sentiment.

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Source: The Organizing Committee of Qipao Town International Architecture Design Competition