omniture "We'll Give Away $1,000,000 During 2012 Christmas Shopping Season"

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NEW YORK, September 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 2012 Christmas shopping season is coming! This shopping spree led people to spending money in droves from last week, giving a fantastic finish to what is already the best holiday week for retail since May. "I am calling it a recovery beginning, so we plan to start our 'Reward Project' - giving away $1,000,000 during this Christmas shopping Season to our customers to thank them for their constant support," said Joyce Chen, the chief executive of

"I really appreciate the support and loyalty of all our customers and for their continually choosing our products and shopping on our website. And, I will take out $1,000,000 to reward all our customers in the way of free bags, coupon codes and or gift cards from September 25th to December 26th." is a leading online retailer of stylish bags and fashion accessories with near-warehouse prices, carrying a complete line of premium and popular brands, including Dasein™ Bags, Anais Gvani, Betty Boop®, Real Tree®, Love Me, Louis Cardy, and so on. With its root as a California-based wholesaler, it keeps providing items with an affordable price. As a result, even during the economic recession period, still keeps a pretty good sales record and their products also do very well on those online market places, such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock,, and so on.

"Thank you! I want to say it loudly to all our customers," Joyce said, "I, as well as my team members, do value and appreciate our customers' advice and always try best to meet their demands. And, we believe this Christmas shopping season is the right time for us to reward them."

Since last year, it's been a shoppers' market with many businesses are cutting prices heavily to try to boost sales because of continued economic uncertainty and shoppers' cutting budgets. And this tactic worked. Retail sales grew 3.2% in the past seven months compared with the same period in the last year. And, it is expected to reach $500 billion overall this year, a 4.2% higher gross than last year.

"I can feel that the economy is recovering now. And I think I should do something to encourage it. Then the Reward Project comes out. Actually, in addition to free gifts, coupon codes and gift cards, we will also offer great discounts on all trendy handbags and fashion accessories to reward our customers during this Christmas shopping season," Joyce said, "Up to 80% off and free shipping! We hope our customers do like it and enjoy a great Christmas."

About now carry a complete line of premium and popular brands, including Dasein™ Bags, Anais Gvani, Betty Boop®, Real Tree®, Love Me, Louis Cardy, and so on. From trendy handbags, stylish shoulder bags to leather wallets and fashion accessories, they provide the best selection of products with unrivaled service and extremely competitive prices - near-warehouse prices with free shipping on every order. is owned by La Vani Inc.


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