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BEIJING, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, evaluates three gaming mouses.

In recent years, with the rapid development of online games and e-sports, more and more players have started to pay attention peripheral gaming products. A good mouse can give gamers excellent feel and precision positioning, so that gamers can excel at game play. At present the manufacturers of various peripherals have launched specially designed mouses for gamers, and today Frbiz will evaluate several kinds of gaming mouses.

Microsoft IE3.0 Mouse

The Microsoft IE3.0 mouse has a superior ergonomic design, which makes for very comfortable use, and it is the currently the most popular among players in China and abroad. The Microsoft IE3.0 mouse has come in first in all kinds of Counter-Strike competitions.

The Microsoft IE3.0 mouse is gray and can fit in the palm of one's hand. Its resolution is 400dpi, while the refresh rate is up to 9000 / s from the original 6000 / sec, thus further improving the accuracy of the mouse.

Logitech G1 mouse

The Logitech G1 mouse is an upgrade from Logitech's MX300 mouse; it performs very well, which is why it is the most popular mouse among World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike players.

The Logitech G1 mouse has a symmetrical ergonomic design, so it can be used by the right or left hand. It uses the improved MX optical engine technology, an excellent optical engine. The Logitech G1 mouse is very light. It is not only popular among gamers playing in real-time, but also among players of low-end games. The Logitech G1 mouse has 800dpi resolution and 6500 / s refresh rate, so its performance can fully meet gamers' demanding requirements with regards to the precision of the mouse.

Razer Mouse

The Razer mouse is almost impeccable in terms of performance and appearance, especially with regards to the left and right buttons, which employ the Omron micro switch designed to enable players' ease of operation during the game. Some professional players use the Razer mouse.

The Razer mouse is aimed at low-end gamers. The Razer mouse plug glows orange at night, which looks very beautiful. With a resolution of up to 1600dpi and a 6400 / s refresh rate, it performs very well.

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