Frbiz Reports that China's Cutting Tool Market has Huge Development Potential

2010-10-21 21:59 708

BEIJING, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Frbiz reports that the rapid development of manufacturing makes China's cutting tool market potential tremendous.  The total amount is expected to exceed America, Japan and Germany, which for our tools industry development, provides a full operational space.

In modern efficient tool development, it has paid attention to cemented carbide cutting tools and also high speed steel cutters. In developing the modern industry, improving quality and efficiency is the eternal pursuit.

Frbiz believes that the global economy will have periodic changes and turbulence. At present, China's manufacturing output value is generally between Japan and America, but the real object has greatly exceeded them. China's machine tool consumption has been globally ranked in the top for five consecutive years.

In 2007, China's machine tools had 5 million units, which is far more than developed countries. CNC machine tools have reached 0.6 units. The number is the same with Japan and America, but the grade is low. In developed countries, adopting efficient tools for digital manufacturing technology potential has become a trend. Each year, the cutting tool consumption is generally above 50% of machine tool consumption. But in China, cutting tool consumption is the only machine tool at 320%. This shows that in China, the low-end traditional cutting tool consumption is still mainstream. Machine tool function has not been fully displayed, so it has a great potential to improve labor productivity.

Through the above analysis, we can see clearly that Chinese tool enterprises have the biggest opportunity in China for a global tool market; However, we also face a challenge. The market needs the modern high cutting tools, but we develop them slowly.  If we cannot satisfy the manufacturing need, we will have to import largely. Therefore, the China tool industry only has one way -- developing modern efficient tools, realizing structure adjustment and upgrading, and getting rid of repeating low-level developments.

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