Gathering the Apple Industry Chain to Accelerate the Value Growth of Mobile Internet Industry

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BEIJING, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The co-hosts of Macworld Asia, Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau and International Data Group (IDG) announced that Macworld Asia 2012 is scheduled on August 2nd to 5th in China National Convention Center(CNCC), Beijing. Exhibition area of this expo will be doubled this year to accommodate more exhibitors from global markets, especially those from Asia. So far, 95 percent of the exhibition stands have been sold out. As the greatest exposition of the Apple industry chain in Asia, Macworld Asia not only provides the best exhibition stage and exchange platform for the booming enterprises in the industry chain, but also will unveil the infinite business opportunities for the appreciation among mobile internet industries this year through its forums. By offering diverse customer experiences, Macworld Asia 2012 aims to be another ultimate carnival for Apple fans.

This expo will attract around 500 exhibitors from China and other markets such as America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan areas. By displaying their latest and most spectacular products and technologies, they will deliver the theme of this expo - "Mobile Internet, Anticipate the Future". Jennifer Xu, Vice President of IDG Asia, says, "We expect the number of enterprise participants this year to be twice as many as that of last year. Apart from all the most active enterprises in the domestic industry chain, half of this year's exhibitors will be from overseas. Many new products choose their global launch at Macworld Asia 2012 as it is the greatest purchasing and exchange platform of Apple industry chain in Asia. The international influence of this expo is fully manifested in the active participation of exhibitors."

Focus on the frontier creativity of Apple industry chain and main showcase of the first-released new products in Asian area

Macworld Asia 2012 converges telecom operators, distributors and accessories manufacturers, indicating the development direction for mobile internet industry. Based on the hotspots and development trend in the mobile internet industry, this expo will set up two specialized exhibition areas:

"Mobile Internet-Interactive Entertainment area", 5,000 square meters in total, is to provide an intensified exhibition platform for mobile internet entertainment enterprises. The explosive growth of mobile internet has enabled many domestic players of digital entertainment to access mobile platforms with their capital, technologies and talent pools. In the process of expansion, the combination of mobile, social interaction and games comes to be the mainstream of the industrial development. This expo will focus on the entertainment life of mobile internet era and converge the most popular cell phone games, cell phone videos, cell phone animations, wireless application developers and service providers in Asian-Pacific regions, fully displaying the achievements and status quo of the application and development of wireless mobile technologies.

As the Apple-related products become best sellers in recent years, the derivative products and services markets are heating up accordingly. At present, an industry specializing in manufacturing accessories for Apple has emerged in China. For example, Shenzhen has converged 1500 manufacturers, with annual revenue exceeding a hundred billion RMB. This year, Macworld Asia has reserved a much larger area for "Peripheral Products Exhibition area" and is going to showcase consumer electronics ecosystem morphology centering on Apple products with a brand-new look. The products will cover every lifestyle aspect, ranging from protective jackets, earphones, wireless sound boxes, iPhone picture printers to vehicle brackets and set-top boxes which utilize the seamless connection between iPad, iPhone and home TVs. The one hundred or so consumer electronics manufacturers in this area will bring a unique and brand-new consumer experience on the Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad platforms. As the major manufacturing base of Apple and its peripheral products, China is still at the initial stage of advancement, which poses enormous growth space for the development of related industries. "Peripheral Products Exhibition Area" covers all links such as productive material, detailed work and appearance originality. The layout of this exhibition zone will undoubtedly be the shining point of this expo.

Define the next frontier and initiate the appreciation of mobile internet industry

Coincided with this expo will be Macworld Asia Conference, which is a trans-industrial event, covering industrial application forum, developer forum, industrial design forum, video seminar and distributor conference. The theme of this year's forum is "define the next frontier". This conference will gather the high-end industrial consumers, operators, developers and vanguards in risk investment, design, photography, video, etc. and will commit to the discussion of world-wide new products, new technologies and innovation and application, represented by Apple. This forum aims to realize the connection and sharing in the Apple industry chain and attract more professional participants from industrial sectors.

On January 15, 2012, Apple released the list of its major suppliers worldwide, including many Chinese enterprises. China has become the largest and most important production base in the Apple industry chain. Therefore, hot issues such as how to increase the benefits and value of Chinese enterprises in Apple's global industry chain, how to gain more rights of speech, how to maintain the profit margins of the production base and realize the transition to comprehensive markets involving more product services will become another shining point of this forum. Representatives of all links of mobile internet industry chain including intelligent terminal manufacturers, wireless access platform facilitators, e-payment providers, content suppliers and distributors will then gather together and speak out freely, analyzing and diagnosing the status quo of the industry and offering advice and suggestions for industrial development. Moreover, this expo will set up "Investment and Cooperation Center" to forge a business channel between buyers and VCs from all over the world and local innovative products and talents.

Enrich users' entertainment experience and create an ultimate carnival for Apple fans

As the ultimate carnival for Apple users in Asia, Macworld Asia is closely related to the eco-system of Apple products. Through going deep among the dynamic developer community and fast expanding user groups, Macworld launched a series of off-line activities, including "Macworld Talent Competition", which targets on iOS developers and users, and "Macworld Girls Campus Contest" which is designed to demonstrate the link between college girls and technology. These two fashionable and unique activities confronts the young talents and potential leaders with a high-end platform to display their talents and individuality and facilitate their career development.

The trend-leading Apple products act as a key indicator in the IT industry. Macworld Asia also mixes internationalized and trans-industrial fashion elements. The Macworld training and salon series activities are easy yet professional activities that integrate themes like APP development, technical training, creative designing, market trend and the like. During the expo, musicians from the US will demonstrate their innovative application on Apple products platform in the Macworld Music Studio. Besides, field sales activities will offer Apple fans good opportunities to buy fashionable new products at favorable prices. Macworld Star Awards will serve as an exchange platform for leaders in the industry chain, business elite and the stars of science and technology. The grand awarding ceremony will celebrate the most valuable Apple-related products and application of the year, a grand and joyful moment of the four-day event.

About Macworld

Macworld, the world-famous expo was founded by International Digital Group (IDG). It is an industry-specific exhibition and meeting event that targets Apple system platform, providing in-depth experience of entertainment, training, communication and corporate application for participants. Macworld attracts both novice users and IT professionals with its research content, application demonstration and eye-catching exhibits, thus becoming the "Mac" holy land among users. The first Macworld was held in San Francisco, US in 1985. After that, it was held during every second week of January in Moscone Center in San Francisco, lasting four days. So far, it has a history of 26 years.

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Source: International Data Group