omniture Announces New Discount Strategy on Wholesale Corsets

2012-02-13 23:00 1271

SHENZHEN, China, February 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As a global wholesale expert, specializes in selling all kinds of lingerie, corsets, push-up bra sets, panties, swimwear, costumes, plus size and sexy accessories - all with FREE international shipping! Recently, GiftForSexy announces its 2012Q1 strategies on encouraging people buying more to save more, which lies on a 5%, 30%, and even 50% off sale at this special time of the year!

The price is GiftForSexy's life. As reported, GiftForSexy has a direct connection with pro factories, and serves the needs of people around the globe. At, people are willing to create a marketplace focused on the style of items that customers are passionate about: items that you can't easily find mass produced on Amazon or places like that.

At this season, offers the lowest prices ever. An average 25% off sale was issued on each cheap corset tops models. Go to to browse for your favorite corsets!

But that's not enough. In GiftForSexy's mind, giving people more discounts and help saving money are the superior priorities. Thus, the new strategy was announced these days to show a kind "Honesty":

Extra 15% Off for ordering 20 or more corset pieces each time!
Extra 10% Off for ordering 10 or more corset pieces each time!
Extra 5% Off for ordering 5 or more corset pieces each time!

Besides, a bonus 10% off will be guaranteed if you are a wholesaler or a drop-shipper. Please contact for VIP Discount Code if you are willing to buy more than 30pcs each time. In this way, it can be really cheap, isn't it?

Want to take action right now? Just keep a close look at, you can find what GiftForSexy offers, are not just corsets!

As soon as this strategy was announced, we can foresee that a new corsets fashion storm will be launched with GiftForSexy's lead. In this way, we are good to see more corsets deals will be made with lower prices, and it indeed benefits the customers in need.

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