Great Place to Work Greater China to Announce Third Annual List of the Region's Best Workplaces

Greater China's Best Workplaces Part of the Emerging Great Workplace Era
Conference December 4th to focus on best practices for continuous culture improvement
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SHANGHAI, Nov. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Great Place to Work® Greater China will hold its annual conference and awards ceremony on December 4th, 2014.

At the event, research and consulting firm Great Place to Work® Greater China will announce its third annual list of the best workplaces in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This year's list, which also will be published in CBNweekly in mainland China, marks the region's strongest participation yet in our workplace culture competition. About 130,000 employees were surveyed about their workplace experiences using our Trust Index© assessment this year, representing 75 employers. That's more than double the 60,000 employees at 32 organizations from our first list in 2012.

The increased interest in applying to the list reflects increased awareness in the region that a great workplace culture -- based on trust -- is central to business success, says Jose Carlos Bezanilla, CEO of Great Place to Work® Greater China.

"It's not a short and speedy journey to becoming a great workplace," Bezanilla says. "It takes time to make the improvements and then to sustain them. We want to help organizations keep the momentum, sustain the effort and be persistent to build the trust needed for workplace greatness."

The heightened focus on workplace culture shows that the Greater China region is part of a new, hopeful economic age taking shape worldwide. We at Great Place to Work® call it the Great Workplace Era. In it, all people can expect to work for an organization where they trust their leaders, enjoy their colleagues and take pride in what they do. A time, in other words, when workplaces make the world better by making people's lives better.

The Great Workplace Era represents a more harmonious relationship between shareholders and stakeholders, between managers and employees. But this concept is not just a feel-good dream. It is a hard-headed reality. Research by Great Place to Work® shows that the best workplaces around the world are getting better. For example, there is a clear trend of increased trust at the companies that make up Great Place to Work®'s annual World's Best Multinational Workplaces list.

Several factors are fueling higher level of trust at the best workplaces, including the rise of balance-minded Millennials, increased transparency into organizations, and mounting evidence that high-trust cultures lead to better business results. Those factors are not just pushing the best to get better. They are affecting all companies, nudging them toward higher levels of trust, pride and camaraderie.

Among the countries/regions where younger employees are propelling companies toward improved cultures is mainland China. Many young Chinese people educated abroad in the West are returning to the country with visions of working in and leading organizations vastly different from the traditional top-down companies their elders may have experienced, Bezanilla says. A greater willingness to listen to employees of all levels and to enact workplace flexibility are central to these emerging Chinese leaders. "It's a business culture shock," Bezanilla says. "They're expecting new ways of interaction and management."

In the emerging Great Workplace Era, the companies that thrive will be those that are committed to building high-trust cultures. Great examples of high-trust cultures -- and advice for how to create them -- will be shared at Great Place to Work® Greater China's Third Annual Conference. The event will take place on December 4th in Shanghai, and will include a rich exchange of Best Practices from very successful companies. Senior leaders from these companies will share how they manage the challenge of changing leadership styles, not only due to shifting demographics but also because of evolving work styles.

Attendees also will have the opportunity to judge the five finalists of the Great Place to Work® Video Contest, and by doing so witness the passion of these companies for building a great culture.  Conference attendees also will benefit from a panel with senior Great Place to Work® consultants from Europe, Australia, North America and Greater China. This panel of experts will discuss comparisons in the workplace climate among the different regions. Rounding out the experience, attendees can take part in an interactive session in which they become part of a team, learning how change management and the application of best practices can help organizations in the Greater China region to thrive.

The event will culminate in a gala dinner and awards ceremony honoring the Best Companies to Work For in Greater China 2014. During the evening proceedings, companies will share testimonies about how they achieved their status as a great workplace, what it means to them and how others might learn from their journey.

About Great Place to Work®:

Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organizations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures. It has been a leader in workplace culture for more than two decades and now operates in some 54 countries across the globe. In the past year, Great Place to Work® analyzed data from 6,200 companies, which represent more than 11.5 million employees worldwide.

About the Best Companies to Work For® in Greater China List:

This is the third Best Companies to Work For® in Greater China List, published in partnership with CBNweekly in China. The list is based on a pool of data from some 75 companies and 130,000 employees in the Greater China region.

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