Hermann Simon: The "Hidden Champions" are the Pioneers in Globalization; Chinese Enterprises Should Seize Opportunities in the Wave of Globalization

2012-10-30 21:01 1040

BEIJING, October 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2012 (Sixth) China CEO Forum was held on October 23 at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing, with the theme of "Business opportunities during transformation - How to lead in the new cycle."

Hermann Simon, who is the world-class management guru, the father of the "Hidden Champions" theory, and the founder of one the three models in pricing - the Simon model - delivered two keynote speeches on Hidden Champions and pricing. His speeches provided insight for the Chinese CEOs on how to become the world's very best hidden champions, and guided them through the labyrinth of how to conduct the transformation of SMEs and how to improve corporate profits. The speeches received high praise from the Chinese CEOs that attended the meeting.

Hermann Simon pointed out that as China is becoming the biggest beneficiary of globalization, the Chinese enterprises should pinpoint their orientation in the wave of globalization and seize the business opportunities. What can the Chinese companies learn from the "Hidden Champions"? What is the secret of the success of the "Hidden Champions"? Hermann Simon has summarized the experience of many successful "Hidden Champions": the pursuit of becoming the global market leader, their focus, depth, and the globalization, sustained and extreme innovation, close ties with their customers, clear competitive advantages, and the long-term stabilization of policies.

Hermann Simon unveiled the password of pricing for the participants at the China CEO Forum: How to increase profitability through strong pricing? How to avoid price wars? Why is the price the most effective driving force in increasing profitability? Why companies should run their business for profit rather than for market share? How to overcome the two killers that wipe out profits - the offensive pricing and fear pricing?

Hermann Simon has been focusing on the research and the summarization of the theory of Hidden Champions for more than 20 years, and he is well versed in the global success of the Hidden Champions. Hermann is a well-known German management expert and a Distinguished Professor of Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and the London Business School. He is hailed as Europe's most prestigious management guru after the late guru Peter Drucker.

The "Hidden Champions" are those medium-sized but highly successful companies that are concealed behind a curtain in particular market segments. They control their own areas of the world market but are not known to people. The per capita export of Germany is much higher than all other countries in the world, and the secret of this phenomenon lies in the force of the "Hidden Champions."

The 2012 China CEO Forum also held a series of releases and awards presentation during the awards dinner, including the 2012 China Management Innovation Annual Report Release Conference, and awards such as the 2012 Top 10 VIP who Influences the Management Practices of China, the 2012 Top 10 Cutting-edge Companies who Influence the Management Practices of China, and the 2012 China's Most Innovative Financial Services Brands.

During the meeting, the Dolphin Club and its website was also officially launched. The Dolphin Club is co-sponsored by the Manager magazine and business leaders in China. It is an intellectual charity club based on mobile Internet technology. With its business intelligence, the Dolphin Club will provide mutual aid to its members and promote social welfare. Dolphins are bright in mind, happy to help others, and live with collaborative efforts, so the Manager magazine built this platform with the core values of "Mutual Aid and Social Welfare of Business Intelligence" and named it after the dolphins.

The China CEO Forum was founded in 2007. Since its foundation, it has formed a unique brand and valuable resources. The China CEO Forum has always stressed its international characteristics, and has invited the world's most influential management experts to the Forum annually to deliver the very latest and cutting-edge management concepts to China, and to exchange ideas with Chinese entrepreneurs. The Club will be the real practice of the Manager magazine's purpose of influencing China's management practices and then the world's. So far, the China CEO Forum has been successfully held on five occasions. Its participants include national and government leaders, top international management experts, well-known bankers, investors and scholars, as well as over 100 CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, and around 4,000 Chinese CEOs. Also, the China CEO Forum has enjoyed widespread exposure throughout global mainstream media.

The organizers have also recently confirmed that rather than continuing the Forum in Beijing, from next year on, the China CEO Forum will travel nationwide with the cooperation of the "Dolphin Club Public Welfare in China."

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