Himfr Analyzes Buyers' Sources on B2B Trade Platform

2010-05-06 20:56 487

BEIJING, May 6 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Himfr Analyzes that the impact of foreign B2B trade has critical success factors, including: how to attract buyers; how to develop the suppliers' sales skills; how to increase turnover rate on the platform. Among these, for how to develop suppliers and how to improve both turnover rates on the platform, the methods are basically similar, but not naturally efficient; and how to attract suppliers, due to competitors entering the market at different times, has widely varied final results.

As for how to attract providers, search engine optimization is undoubtedly the key factor, while the successful B2B platform's buyers' traffic are coming through search engine optimization. From the current situation, Himfr reports that at least 60% of foreign buyers come through the search engines, and only a small number of buyers directly access to the site. The main reason for the above situation is that foreign buyers are accustomed to using search engines to find suppliers.

Himfr has done a survey on how a B2B buyers make purchase decisions through online research. The report shows that when sellers find the suppliers, 50% do so on GOOGLE and other general search engines, about 20% on Alibaba and other B2B platforms, about 20% on the seller site, and about 10% on industry information websites. Obviously, buyers put 50% effort on search engines to find B2B platforms that have supplier information, seller web sites, and industry information.

It is no doubt that search engines are the main channel for buyers to reach B2B platforms, so having a good position in search engine results becomes a key issue. In fact, for Alibaba, Global Sources, and made-in-china, the relevant keywords rank first in search results. Furthermore, they also obtain a large number of hits from the search engine optimization.

Of course, in addition to search engine optimization, sites must purchase a large number of search engine keywords for advertising, etc. to get some traffic.

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