Himfr Analyzes LED Stent Development

2010-05-17 20:31 507

BEIJING, May 17 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- With national attention on the LED industry, analyzes the development of LED precision stent techniques and finds trends pointing in the following direction:

First: small power is turning to high power

With the increase in brightness of LED products, LED products are gradually moving in the direction of low power to high power, and the small size of LCD backlights and indoor lighting is also gradually expanding. High-brightness LED is in a high growth phase with proportions gradually increasing. This is the case with LED's mainstream products, while LED precision stents are also following suit.

Second: power consumption is shrinking

LED products are increasingly cultivating energy-saving techniques. Precision LED stents utilize higher requirements for cooling and condensation in order to decrease power consumption.

Third: efficient production

The application of LED products is increasingly more and more broad. Usage is huge while traditional modes of production have low efficiency and are high cost, which is not beneficial for industry development.

Frbiz said the LED stent market has broad prospects.

As LED packaging application market demand increases, LED stents will accelerate in market growth. High-power LED packaging should see particularly fast growth, which has gradually become the mainstream trend of LED packaging.

LED is green, environmentally-friendly, conserves energy, and has many other advantages. In line with the development of energy saving policy and the future market, the overall trend is still for the better. LED backlights in large-sizes, landscape lighting, car lights, low lighting and other emerging markets will see the rapid development of applications promoting the LED market.

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