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BEIJING, July 13 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ( ), one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, analyzes China induction cooker market.

From 2007 to 2008, the induction cooker market saw all year retail sales growth of 10% - 20%. Huge market potential attracted a large number of producers.

Just a few years ago, induction cookers were "rare". People had very little knowledge of them. In a short time though, the induction cooker, with its safety, energy conservation and high-performance characteristics conquered a growing number of consumers. In recent years, the induction cooker has become the fastest-growing small household electrical appliance in the Chinese market. According to's statistics, the induction cooker has seen all year retail sales growth of 10% - 20%.

The induction cooker market has stable growth and huge market potential is attracting a large number of production enterprises. Professional small household electrical appliance enterprises are optimistic about this development and have taken the induction cooker as their focus. Trying, by virtue of professional technical and sales channels, to break into all levels of the city market. In addition, the giant appliance manufacturers are also involved in the rapid induction cooker market, opening competition in brand attitude. However, the threshold for induction cooker products is low; a direct result of the market selling goods and the bad quality of the induction cookers.

In 2008, the induction cooker market had retail sales volume of 55 million units equalling retail sales of 15 billion yuan. Huge profits and a broad market space bring more and more vendors into the competitive market.

At present, induction cooker sales are concentrated in first or second level markets; third or fourth level markets and rural markets are less involved. With the impact of national macroeconomic regulation and control, the spending power of rural areas is gradually being released. Induction cookers have started the process of breaking into rural markets. Himfr's consumer data shows that, in recent years, consumer groups in rural areas market account for 65% - 70%. As the "home appliances to the countryside" policy is implemented further, induction cooker manufacturers will move to third or fourth tier cities. This is the inevitable trend.

Himfr's data shows that the sales volume of induction cookers in domestic large cities is declining, while small and medium-sized cities and counties' share in market volume is increasing. This indicates that the market in very large cities has become saturated. The focus of the induction cooker market is moving away from large cities and is transferring to medium and small cities. In addition, the rapid development of the catering industry impacting induction cooker sales cannot be ignored. Hot pot city, western fast food chains and food courts all have great demand for the products of induction cookers ( ) .

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