IPinYou: China Joins the Global Wave of RTB Advertising

2012-10-26 21:30 1149

BEIJING, October 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the field of the internet advertising in China, RTB has wowed everyone with its explosive growth. The largest DSP in China, iPinYou, is taking a delegation of China's leading advertisers to visit RTB companies in the U.S to accelerate advertisers' understanding of this emerging trend. The trip is intended to enable marketers to learn how U.S advertisers have benefited from DSP and how they can use DSP in China. Though the first RTB enabled DSP was launched by iPinYou only in March this year, many Fortune 500 brands have advertised on its platform. This trip will significantly contribute to the adoption of Chinese brands to using DSP.

Delegations from PinYou Interactive are visiting Facebook and Google. They were on a trip to the RTB companies in Silicon Valley.  (PRNewsFoto/IPinYou)
Delegations from PinYou Interactive are visiting Facebook and Google. They were on a trip to the RTB companies in Silicon Valley. (PRNewsFoto/IPinYou)

The delegation is composed of many leading brands in China, such as Tingyi Holding Corporation, China Life Insurance Company Limited, Coo8 and Red banana. Advertisers have showed great passion about the potential benefits that real time advertising can bring to them. Audience targeting, especially RTB enabled, has been identified as the most prominent shift in the online advertising industry in China. The delegation will visit the leading players in the U.S. RTB industry such as Google, Facebook, BlueKai, Tellapart and Cadreon, and conduct business exchanges and cooperation with senior management of RTB companies in Silicon Valley.

Ms. Grace Huang, CEO of iPinYou, said the mission of this trip is to orient advertisers with the most sophisticated digital advertising solutions and facilitate cross-border communication with counterparts in the U.S. "We are so excited to see how effective our campaigns on our DSP turn out to be. Though China lags behind the world on RTB, the advertisers in China are looking forward to it. The key benefit that RTB can offer to advertisers is to reach audience at low cost and huge coverage, an overwhelming needs of marketers. " U.S. companies are also interested in learning about the China landscape, so iPinYou and the delegation will be in a perfect position to exchange insights about China's market.

In 2012, IPinYou launched the first RTB-enabled DSP in China by entering into partnership with Google DoubleClick and Taobao Tanx. The growth since has been stunning. The daily impression available through exchange has reached 3 billion already. Tecent and Sina have both chosen to work with iPinYou on a private exchange effort. It has run over 10 billion impressions of real time ads for brands in IT, Finance, Auto, FMCG and eCommerce, and has quickly emerged as the largest independent DSP. Its newly launched video DSP has been warmly welcomed by advertisers.

Company Profile
Founded in 2008, iPinYou is the leading internet advertising technology company and largest DSP in China. Our vision is to improve the efficiency and productivity of digital advertising. We have built competitive advantages upon world-class real time advertising architecture and algorithms and patented technology in audience profiling and audience targeting. iPinYou has served over 200 branded advertisers in auto, FMCG, IT, Finance, E-commerce, Travel and etc.

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