Identify Innovative, Uncontested Market Space Opportunities with the New Mega Trends

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A book written by Frost & Sullivan and published by Palgrave Macmillan provides implications for our future lives

LONDON, Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan's "New Mega Trends" identifies and evaluates emerging Mega Trends and their sub trends, translating these to real opportunities for everyday business and personal life.  This analysis – tested with Fortune 1000 companies – has now been developed into a book, "New Mega Trends," which will launch this week.

Frost & Sullivan's "New Mega Trends" identifies the 10 most important global New Mega Trends – sustained and macroeconomic forces of development that influence global businesses, economies, societies,  cultures  and  our personal lives – that will redefine the future world.

"New Mega Trends" includes:

Connectivity and Convergence - With more than 80 billion connected devices, 9 billion mobile phones, 5 billion Internet users, five connected devices for every individual, 10 connected devices for every household, and 500 devices with unique digital IDs per square kilometre, consumers will pave the way to a digital planet by 2020. Connectivity will see wide-spread convergence of technologies, products and even industries.

Health, Wellness and Wellbeing - Sustainability was one of the major trends of the last decade. Health, wellness and wellbeing will be the most important factor of discussion and differentiation in this decade.  Healthcare spending will consume more than 15 percent of GDP by the middle of this decade (20 percent to 30 percent by 2050) and government's inability to make the necessary investments will lead to a paradigm shift in the concept of healthcare.

Smart is the new Green – The failure of green technology to show a manageable and predictable ROI will lead to a shift towards intelligent products that 'behave' green by adapting and changing to the environment around them through use of intelligent sensing and communication technology. The future will see use of several Smart products in our daily life, ranging from Smart (home) hubs connecting and integrating electronic/electrical equipment in our houses, Smart appliances that switch on and off themselves and Smart cloths that react to our body temperature or interact with mobile phones. This trend will lead to convergence of competition, with IT players, mobile operators, and energy companies competing to be the first to provide advanced smart solutions.

In addition, the "New Mega Trends" addresses the "Macro to Micro" methodology, which can be applied to help identify "blue ocean," or uncontested white space market opportunities, and also answer questions like:

  • How will we travel to work in the cities of the future?
  • What is Zero Vision, and is it the next big thing?
  • How will we stay connected in the future?
  • Will our wellness and wellbeing top the business agenda, and be more important than sustainability and the environment?
  • What new business models will succeed in future?

If you are a leader with a corporate vision, a strategic planner within your organization, or just curious about your future, Frost & Sullivan's book, "New Mega Trends," provides stimulating stories, startling facts and thought provoking case studies that will not only give a glimpse of how your future will be, but also reveals what opportunities lay in the here and now.

"New Mega Trends," written by Frost & Sullivan Partner Sarwant Singh and published by Palgrave Macmillan, will be launched Friday, 28th Sept. in the UK, Europe and Asia, and in the USA on Tuesday, 30th Oct.

For more information on Frost & Sullivan's "New Mega Trends" book, workshops and strategic consulting, or to view the video for this new analysis, please contact Chiara Carella, Corporate Communications, at
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"Fifteen years ago, Frances Cairncross predicted the Death of Distance. In the age of social media, we know that futurology with an accent on technology is a key for politicians, business people and all of us as citizens of this ever crowded planet.  Singh has laid out a fascinating scenario, which should make us think hard about the world our children are going to inherit."
Steve Norris, former British minister and London mayoral candidate

"An eye-opening read."
John Reed, Financial Times motor industry correspondent

"Predicting trends successfully is vital for all businesses. This book can be an important aid for companies large and small."
Sir John Armitt

SARWANT SINGH is a partner of Frost & Sullivan, the business research and consulting firm responsible for developing and implementing business strategy and the fulfilment of high-value consulting projects. Since joining Frost & Sullivan in 1999, he has managed more than 250 strategic consulting projects in the fields of corporate and business strategy. Singh works with high profile companies to develop their "blue ocean" strategy, creating uncontested market space opportunities. He has worked with Nissan, Phillips, Proctor & Gamble, United Nations International Development Organization (UNIDO), Continental, Ford Motor Company, Peugeot-Citroen and others, advising and working with CXO and board-level executives. Sarwant has an Engineering degree, MBA in International Business, and has also completed an executive course at the Kellogg Business School, USA. He is a regular speaker at conferences and is featured regularly in media like the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Financial Times.

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