Impact of the Smart Grid on the Connected Home

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Frost & Sullivan announces partnership with CABA to unfold connected home research, highlighting this dynamic landscape in rapid transition

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The connected residential market is a fast evolving segment influenced by a number of emerging industry trends. Recent developments in the implementation of end-to-end smart grid at the utility level, as well as changes witnessed in the area of managed home devices and systems, are expected to further impact the dynamics of this market segment. The connected home suppliers catering to this rapidly progressing space are facing the challenges of keeping abreast with technology development.  In accordance, companies must also meet new grid infrastructure requirements while developing solutions that are compatible with changing standards and communication topologies.

The Continental Automated Buildings Association's (CABA's) Smart Grid Working Group, under the Connected Home Council (CHC), is currently examining the deployment of the residential smart grid, and the implications on market prospects for connected home solutions.  The Smart Grid Working Group efforts have resulted in a formal research project, CABA's Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes, which will be completed later this year.  CABA has partnered with Frost & Sullivan in shaping the ideation process, project scope and direction to provide research support for the study sponsors.  Amongst project sponsors, Frost & Sullivan analysts are included on the Steering Committee, and will work with the Steering Committee to develop an agreed set of objectives and research areas requiring validation.  These include an understanding of changing business models, technology commercialization prospects in the event of smart grid deployment, changes to communication standards, and time to market, amongst others. 

Click here to view and download the Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes webinar, PowerPoint presentation and research prospectus.  To participate in this connected homes analysis, please contact Frost & Sullivan or CABA at the contact information provided below. 

"Frost & Sullivan and CABA have a close association, developed over years of collaborative research support, as well as the delivery of complex landmark analyses to CABA," said Frost & Sullivan North America President Art Robbins. "Our demonstrated expertise in a large array of different business challenges, such as market development and expansion, industry advancement and growth strategy, combines to help research participants gain answers to their individual and collective challenges in this highly lucrative, yet uncertain market." 

There are definite ambiguities in determining which technologies will remain current and adaptable to emerging developments in home area network requirements, changing energy dynamics as well as smart grid infrastructure deployments. For industry participants to execute a successful market strategy, it is critical to be well informed of the distinct challenges, market gaps, influences of key channels, in addition to a firm understanding of the evolving market environment.

"To address this expansive and changing environment, with overlaps between various verticals from Internet connectivity and power generation to building technologies, our research team utilizes a unique cross-industry and cross-functional perspective," said Frost & Sullivan North America Energy and Environment Director Roberta Gamble.  "This landmark research will analyze smart grid and connected home technologies from different industry perspectives and adjacent markets, elucidating opportunities for industry players."

The proposed Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes project is gaining momentum, with organizations signing up for sponsorship, including TELUS, Samsung Telecommunications America, Microsoft Corporation, Pella Corporation, Niko Group/fifthplay nv, Hydro One Networks Inc., Tridel Corporation, Southern California Edison, and IBM.  The project, slated to commence in May 2012, will be completed within a tentative 12-week timeframe.  Frost & Sullivan and CABA are currently in the process of finalizing research sponsorship and recruiting additional interested organizations.

"As our organization gears toward completing logistical and project initiative formalities, it is clear that overwhelming industry interest and support is paving the way for more high-value collaborative research involving the CABA membership and Frost & Sullivan," said CABA President and CEO Ron Zimmer.  "For the first time, connected homes will be a key aspect within grid modernization and this research will enable organizations to plan for the future."

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