Inspur Cloud Announces 2017 New Strategy to Boost Sales Revenue to 20 Billion Yuan by 2020

2017-08-29 20:28 1620

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 28, "Computing Everywhere" Inspur Cloud 2017 New Strategy Conference was held in Beijing, China. Inspur Cloud announced the "1-2-3-3" strategy at the conference. In this strategy, Inspur will focus on 2 dimensions of market in China and other countries for both government and enterprises. With 3 moves (expanding the layout of cloud centers, building the cloud open platform and improving the cloud ecosystem) and 3 features (secure and trustworthy, data service, customized), Inspur will work hard to achieve one goal of 20 billion yuan sales revenue by 2020 and become a world-leading cloud service provider. Executive President of Inspur Group Richard Wang and Vice President of Inspur Group James Wang attended the conference.

In the future, besides 4 core cloud centers and 34 municipal cloud centers which are already built, Inspur Cloud will expand and build 7 core nodes and 50 sub nodes in China, providing computing service everywhere for the interconnected IoT system and innovative application. Meanwhile, to accelerate global business, Inspur Cloud announced the "overseas plan" to build 5 cloud center nodes in Seattle (North America), Columbia (South America), Frankfurt (Europe), Moscow (Europe) and Ethiopia (Africa), supporting countries involved in the "Belt and Road" Initiative with computing and data.

Moreover, with experience of providing cloud service to government and enterprises for years, Inspur Cloud will open up the platform and improve the cloud ecosystem. Nearly 3,000 partners, including those on platform technology, application market, cloud solution and cloud migration, will join to enrich the application market. 

Inspur Cloud's new logo and slogan "Computing Everywhere" were revealed. The logo of Chinese style represents the updated Inspur Cloud exporting China's cloud computing capacity to the world. 

"In five years, Inspur Cloud will invest 10 billion yuan to expand the layout of cloud centers in Chinese market and launch the 'overseas plan'. With five cloud center nodes all over the world, Inspur Cloud will develop global business and provide services to more than 100,000 government clients and over 1,000,000 enterprise clients. And Inspur Cloud will team up with partners to build Inspur Cloud's ecosystem. By 2020, Inspur Cloud will work hard to boost the sales revenue to 20 billion yuan and become a world-leading cloud service provider. With 'Computing Everywhere', we will show the world China's cloud power," said Richard Wang.

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