JMWant Launches Over 3,000 New Products for Summer 2014

- A Welcoming Business Model and Platform for Online Sellers
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SHENZHEN, China, July 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- JMWant, one of China's most welcomed Manufacturers to Business (M2B) platforms, launched over 3,000 new products for the coming 2014 summer on June 26th, which attracted over 1,500 buyers to visit.

JMWant opened in 2005 and now has close relationships with more than 5,000 suppliers and attracts about 8,000 visits a day. As for its great success, JMWant's CEO Michael Luo says, "B2M is a new and welcome business mode which greatly narrows the gap between qualified manufacturers and buyer."

How JMWant Works

A seller on Ebay or Amazon specializing in stuffed animal toys would very probably have all its items labeled "Made in China", but that particular seller would rarely have the chance of sourcing directly from Chinese factories. Instead, they would have to rely on trade men in the middle for supply, who have made a profit before the seller has. Now the rules are about to change. JMWant makes it possible for small- to medium-sized online vendors to fill their shops with goods channeled straight from factories. By amassing large volumes of potential needs from these merchants, who usually don't have the means to reach out to quality Chinese producers, JMWant plays the role of their collective purchasing extension, endowed with the bargaining power to secure a favorable purchase price the sellers' size often denies them.

There are many interesting products such as:


JMWant prides itself on its close relationship with more than 5,000 suppliers across China, covering almost all major categories under the sun, ranging from women's apparel to electronic gadgets. Here, a typical supplier of original equipment manufacturers for big global brands would often have years, even decades, of experience in production for the western market, and are thus equipped with advanced quality control systems and certified by the prevailing credentials in its respective industry.

To guarantee the fine quality of products, all manufacturers that supply for JMWant are screened for their scale, consistency and ingenuity before they are introduced to the platform.

"In some respects, JMWant is a marketplace but more than a marketplace; it is a venue with clearance for their guaranteed goodwill, where sellers are spared the worries and sifting work themselves," Michael Luo said.

"Chinese consumers have benefited from the acquired taste of online shopping. They now enjoy cheaper, better products brought about by a leaner distribution pattern," JMWant's CEO Michael Luo says. "We believe there is a way to extend the benefit even further to outside China, and our first stop of market development would be the United States. On JMWant, manufacturers and last-stop sellers become ever closer. All kinds of quality, affordable products are available."

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About JMWant

JMWant is not Alibaba or your traditional online communication channel to interact with Chinese wholesale suppliers. JMWant is your secure online gateway to thousands of the world's hottest trending online products and what's known in industry terms as a "drop shipper" - an entity that employs a method by which products are directly shipped to the customer from the manufacturer or supplier. JMWant offers the technology to support the online seller in efficiently managing their sales, inventory, and data. JMWant also leverages discounted logistics solutions to ship your products with some of the most reputable global carriers in the world (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, etc.).

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