Jiangwan Village on Track to be Awarded China's Highest Rating as a Tourist Destination

2012-09-25 17:47 1803

SHANGHAI, September 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Restoration work is moving ahead at a steady pace in Jiangwan Scenic Area, Wuyuan County in northeastern Jiangxi province, as the county's tourism arm continues the work that will earn the area the highly coveted 5A-class Scenic Area Rating, the highest rating bestowed on a tourist attraction by China's National Tourism Administration. The Hui-style ancient buildings in Jiangwan Village, the culturally and historically rich hamlet within the area, as well as the ecology of the surrounding area, are being restored to the way they were one hundred years ago, when they formed an integral part of the Huizhou region of northeastern Jiangxi and southern Anhui provinces.

The Most Beautiful County in China - Wuyuan -  (PRNewsFoto/Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd)
The Most Beautiful County in China - Wuyuan - (PRNewsFoto/Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd)

Jiangwan Village is located in the eastern part of Wuyuan County, 28 kilometers (17 miles) from the county seat. The village was built during the early years of the Tang dynasty, when families with surnames of Teng, Ye, Bao, Dai as well as several others inhabited the area immediately surrounding the bend of the river in Jiangwan. In the second "Yuanfeng" year during Renzong's period of the Sung dynasty (the year 1079), Jiang Di, the eighth emperor of Xiaojiang, moved to Jiangwan, where his many children began what soon developed into a large clan. Several of the ancient Hui-style buildings in the village including Sanxing Hall, Dunchong Hall and Peixin Hall are still well preserved, while the public buildings including Donghe Gate and Shuiba Well retain great historical as well as ornamental value. Jiangwan, a bright pearl in the Wuyuan cultural and ecological tourist area, has already been rated as a national 4A scenic area by the Chinese tourism authority.

To protect the ancient and renowned village that is emblematic of Huizhou culture, Wuyuan County created a management office for the specific purpose of gaining the national 5A designation for Jiangwan Village and the surrounding area, by adhering word-for-word to the requirements listed in the Regulation on the Protection of Famous Historical and Cultural Cities, Towns and Villages (Order of the State Council of the People's Republic of China No.524) while carrying out the necessary restoration work. To fulfill the two mottos that embody the concept of the project, translated from Chinese as "Beautiful Village, Jiangwan in Dream" and "Space and Time Intertwining, Miraculous Transformation into One Hundred Year Ago", all the buildings and other facilities have been upgraded or modified as per the rules for obtaining the 5A rating, including the new tourist centers, the ecological parking lots, maintenance procedures for the ancient village as well as the landscape surrounding the exit from the highway. Meanwhile, the support structure has also been upgraded and optimized, including an e-commerce website, the management system and training of the employees, all for the creation of a ecological living environment with strong local characteristics that is, at the same time, resident-friendly, employee-friendly and tourist-friendly.

Jiangwan scenic area was listed in the working report of the Jiangxi provincial government during the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress of Jiangxi Province.

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