Jiangxi Taina Nanfeng Orange Co. Ltd. Has Expanded and Reformed Its Production Line and Improved Their Daily Production Capabilities by More Than 100 Tons While Reducing Costs by 10%

2007-02-21 12:06 1250

NANFENG, China, Feb. 20 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Jiangxi Taina Nanfeng Orange Co. Ltd. (OTC Bulletin Board: CHFR) ("CHFR"), a Chinese company engaged in the planting and marketing of oranges and orange related products, announced that it has expanded and reformed its production line for the selection and packaging of fruit. The changes to CHFR's production line will improve the company's efficiency and could increase market share by up to 5% by 2007.

The company has invested roughly RMB5 million (or USD$625,000) in their production reformation project. Their fruit selection and packaging workspace has been increased to over 4,300 square meters and their advanced production facility is now online and running. Once completed, the entire project should expand the company's daily production capabilities by more than 100 tons, while reducing costs by approximately 10%.

The project will also move the company from a human based fruit selection and packaging facility to an entirely automated system. Once the procedure for eliminating dust, waxing and size classification becomes fully automated, the company should see a significant increase in product quality and profits.

"This is a milestone in the history of our company development," says Mr. Chen Quanlong, Chairman of the Board of CHFR. "The reforms and renovations will not only improve our efficiency, but also consolidate our market strength in this industry. We can now offer a higher grade of product while strengthening our brand image and registered trademarks. And all of these factors will drive the development of our company in this industry."

About Jiangxi Taina Nanfeng Orange Co. Ltd.

China Fruits Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary in China, Jiangxi Taina Nanfeng Orange Co. Ltd. (formerly Jiangxi Taina Fruits Co., Ltd.), is engaged in the planting and marketing of Nanfeng tangerines; the production and sales of fruit wine and nonalcoholic beverages; and R&D in fruit biotech and deep-processing, event organization, management and consulting for fruit branding.

The company is located in Nanfeng county, Jiangxi province, an area considered by many to be the orange capital of China. China Fruits Corporation has registered capital of RMB2 million (or USD$250,000). The company, is a good model for industrialized development of Chinese mandarin oranges. They have adopted traditional planting methods in combination with modern nascent technologies to build biological orchards, plant green and organic tangerine oranges, achieve fresh storage by means of hi-tech air-conditioned storehouses, employ hi-tech biological engineering for deep processing (of fruit wine and beverage), biologically abstract orange oil and essence, and to produce biological fertilizer out of orange residues for recycled use in orchards. They have created an entire chain of industries from their R&D, cross-breeding, preservation, and preserved sales processing. The company is considered by some to be one of the nation's leading enterprises for industrialized agriculture.

CHFR has developed a human-based and system-oriented business plan. They endeavor to create national brand recognition in China over the short-term and international brand recognition in the future. CHFR makes it a priority to maximize corporate profits and to bring ideal returns to their investors.

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