LG Innotek Opens First Overseas Automotive Components Plant in Mexico

Production will focus on ABS, EPS and DCT motors and electronic automotive components
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SEOUL, South Korea, June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- LG Innotek, a leading global components manufacturer, today opened in Mexico its first overseas plant for the production of auto components to better serve its leading Tier-1 automotive customers and strengthen its global expansion.

LG Innotek's newly opened automotive components plant in San Juan del Rio, Mexico

The opening ceremony for the plant in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, northwest of Mexico City, was attended by more than 150 dignitaries including regional and local government officials and representatives of the South Korean government, who were hosted by Ung-Beom Lee, CEO of LG Innotek.

The plant will manufacture core automotive components, including motors for brakes, steering systems and gearshifts. The Mexican plant will help ensure on-time delivery of these crucial supplies to key automotive customers in Mexico and the rest of North America.

San Juan del Rio was selected as the first overseas site for LG Innotek's automotive components operations because of its excellent road and air transport links to customers throughout North America. Mexico accounts for 60 percent of global exports of automotive components and is the main supplier to North America.

"The new facility in San Juan del Rio will be a core center in our global manufacturing network as we seek to provide better and more valuable support to our customers. We recognize the growing importance of Mexico as a major supplier hub in the global automotive industry," said Mr. Lee. "Many of our customers already operate in Mexico and we believe that being close to them will enhance our on-time delivery record."

The 34,000 square meter plant will employ around 600 workers and will begin full operations in August with the manufacturing of Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) motors.

Other main components slated for production at the plant will include Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) motors and Electric Power Steering (EPS) motors. Total annual production capacity is expected to increase to 7.6 million automotive motors by 2016.

In addition, the plant will eventually supply electronic automotive components, including LED lamp modules, camera modules, communication modules and parts used in connectivity and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

LG Innotek has identified automotive components as an important business growth sector. LG Innotek takes pride in its smoothly functioning production process for auto components from supply chain sourcing to quality control and distribution.

LG Innotek has achieved ISO/TS 16949 certification, the automotive industry's quality assurance system, and adopted the Advanced Production Quality Planning process.

About LG Innotek, Inc.

LG Innotek is a leading cutting-edge electronics components manufacturer and an affiliate of LG Group. LG Innotek, established in 1970, recorded about USD 5.7 billion (6.2 trillion won) in sales in 2013 and works with around 16,000 employees worldwide in 26research, production and marketing centers. LG Innotek focuses on producing core material and components for advanced technology sectors and its business units include LED, printed circuit boards, mobile, display, network and automotive. LG Innotek is developing eco-friendly material and components including LED lighting and electronic car components. LG Innotek is listed on the Korea Exchange (011070 KS).For more information, visit


LG Innotek Automotive Components Operations

Leading brake and steering motor maker in Korea with total sales of 30 million units

LG Innotek has been producing automotive components since 2007 after it developed Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Electric Power Steering System (EPS) motors. It also introduced the world's first Torque Angle Sensor in 2008.

The company has produced more than 30 million units of these components as of January 2014, firmly establishing its competitive position in the global automotive components market. In 2013, it produced 7 million ABS motor units and 3 million EPS motor units. Approximately 8 percent of the more than 87 million vehicles produced globally in 2013 had an ABS motor made by LG Innotek.

Convergence of core technologies broadens range of automotive components to around 20 different categories

LG Innotek promotes the convergence of core technologies in the materials and components sector to produce around 20 different types of automotive parts, including automotive motors and sensors, automotive camera modules, automotive wireless communication modules, LEDs, battery management systems (BMS) for electric vehicles, power conversion modules and other components.

LG Innotek has highlighted its advanced optical technology and quality control with the production of camera modules installed in premium car models to improve driver safety. Demand for automotive camera modules is increasing strongly and LG Innotek plans to develop camera modules for the front, back and side of vehicles as well as wraparound views and driver's body action recognition camera modules.

LG Innotek is making Bluetooth, 3G and 4G (LTE) automotive communication modules based on its world-leading wireless communication module technology. In addition, it has developed a Near Field Communications module for vehicles. The communications modules integrate infotainment and Internet of Things systems that improves driving quality in term of safety and convenience.

LG Innotek produces Battery Management Systems (BMS) for electric cars to control battery status, efficiency and safety. The high energy efficiency and reliability of the BMS has made it a popular choice for electric cars.

LG Innotek is producing LED modules for interior and external use in vehicles. Flexible LED lighting modules can change form, while being half as thin and light as current lighting modules.

The product range is expanding with rapid charging modules for batteries, power conversion modules and automotive wireless mobile charging modules.

LG Innotek automotive components operations range comprehensively from R&D and production to quality control and marketing

LG Innotek is dedicated to all aspects of the automotive components business from research and development to production, quality control and marketing, while focusing on promoting innovative products.

Automotive components affect the safety of drivers and passengers as well as pedestrian traffic, so quality can never be compromised. Only manufacturers with a comprehensive and integrated industry structure are able to meet the rigorous standards demanded for automotive components, including the ability to withstand temperature extremes, vibrations and shocks.

To highlight this goal, LG Innotek has obtained ISO/TS16949 certification, the automotive industry standard for quality production. This has been combined with an extensive quality control program.

LG Innotek recognizes that the future of the automotive industry lies with electronic components. In addition to motors and sensors, it is developing special components for green cars and smart cars.

Explanation of terms

ABS Motor: An ABS Motor prevents the brake pads from locking on the rotors to help maintain road traction in conditions when the vehicle could slip or spin out of control.

EPS Motor: The EPS motor drives the electric power steering system for vehicles to maintain a smooth drive.

Torque Angle Sensor: The torque angle sensor detects the torque and angle of the steering wheel when driving changes the direction of the vehicle.

Production line of the LG Innotek automotive components plant in San Juan del Rio, Mexico

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