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China Education Center Helps Foreign Students Find the Perfect Language Program at China's Top Universities

HONG KONG, July 12 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- China Education Center (CEC) helps foreign students who are looking to study Chinese language abroad find the right program matched to their interests. CEC also helps students navigate the application process.

"Many foreign students contact us, hoping to get in to Tsinghua or Peking University's Chinese language programs, says Eddy Lee of China Education Center. "However, many of them don't know these programs are very popular and classes fill up quickly."

In addition to being sought after, language programs require students to have basic knowledge of Chinese in order to get in and a commitment to study once they get there. Foreign students at Peking University are required to know a minimum of 800 Chinese characters or have completed 80 hours of Mandarin.

For students needing to take the Chinese language proficiency test (HSK), China Education Center matches students with programs that offer HSK preparation courses. For students wanting to learn Chinese art and culture, CEC recommends programs that offer additional humanities coursework.

CEC offers advantages over other foreign study programs both in quality and cost. Private learning tours are often very expensive and the teaching quality can vary. CEC matches students with programs at renowned Chinese universities where the level of teaching is consistently high, but which cost much less than package tours. In addition, foreign students can now save expensive international TT charges with CEC's new online credit card system. The service provider, PayDollar, also supports Yahoo Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific.

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As the leading information site and consulting company for foreign students studying in China, CEC provides up-to-date information for over 1,000 Chinese university programs. Since 2001, CEC has assisted students from over 50 countries to get into Chinese language programs and degree programs at Chinese universities.

CEC provides a variety of services for students, parents and educators from all over the world. Whether at the research stage, looking for the right university program, finding information about admissions or help with applications, the answers can be found through China Education Center's website at .


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