CCID Consulting Analyzes Prospect on China’s MFP market

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Laser Products’ Market Share Increases, Integrated Solutions will Attract Market Attention

BEIJING, May 5 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- CCID Consulting, China’s leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Stock Exchange: HK08235), recently released its 2007-2008 Annual Report on China’s MFP market.

The report shows that, the market share of laser MFPs reaches 48.7% in 2007, up 26% over 2006. CCID Consulting forecasts that the market share of laser MFPs will reach 53.5% in 2012.

Table 1: The Structure of China’s MFP Market, 2006-2007

(by Output Mode)

Different Sales Volume Market Sales Volume Market Growth

Output Modes in 2006 Share in 2007 Share Rate

(10,000 (10,000

Sets) Sets)

Laser Output 74.62 47.3% 94.04 48.7% 26.0%

Ink-jet Output 83.13 52.7% 99.11 51.3% 19.2%

Total 157.75 100% 193.15 100% 22.5%

Source: CCID Consulting, Jan, 2008

CCID Consulting forecasts MFP market will develop in three trends in the future:

Laser products’ demands increases, color MFPs become the focus

Users have high demands for high-speed printing and heavy load printing functions. Based on its high speed, high quality and durability, laser MFPs cater for more users and thus become more and more popular. Laser MFP is the first choice for office equipment in the future. With the evolution of global business, especially the development of media and advertising industries, color MFP products become the major development trend. Besides, laser MFP’s price has a slowdown trend, which accords with the market trend of laser products replacing that of ink-jet products, similarly, color laser MFPs will substitute black and white laser MFPs.

Office integrated solutions receives much concern

MFP functions are becoming more sophisticated and system applications more complicated, which makes MFP not only OA equipments, but also solutions to improve efficiency and reduce cost. While industrial OA matures, MFP solutions tend to satisfy more urgent office demands. For example, logistics and finance industry need MFP solutions to provide high load printing tasks with high printing definition and fast printing speed, while media and advertising industry need MFP solutions to provide high quality, colorful, high definition printing results. Cost is the key issue in OA system construction for enterprises in merging industry and small enterprises. Hence, the performance price ratio and service life of MFP products are the key deciding factors for these enterprises. MFP solution for segment market will be the focus of different kinds of MFP providers. As MFP providers enhance technologically, providing optimized solutions will be an important approach to enhance their competitive capacities.

High efficiency and energy saving products are key areas in market competition

Under the policy of ‘energy saving and reduction of emission’, more enterprises tend to focus on high efficiency and energy saving products. MFP products from HP, Canon, and Konica appear in the list of energy saving government purchasing products. Consumers can find high efficiency and energy saving products in both high-end commercial market and low-end household market. High performance, such as high speed, low power consumption, and low noise of these products attracts more consumers, which will be the hotspot in the future MFP market.

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