Mandom Launches "GATSBY CM Award UNLIMITED"; Winning Videos to Be Sent to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Let's Produce a Commercial Message on "GATSBY"
Any Video Commercial Featuring GATSBY Qualified for Easy Application from YouTube; Passion is All That is Required
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OSAKA, Japan, Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mandom Corp. of Osaka City is accepting applications until Jan. 4, 2016, for "GATSBY CM Award UNLIMITED" (hereafter UNLIMITED) in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of GATSBY Student CM Awards (hereafter Student CM Awards) featuring the GATSBY men's grooming brand and products.


UNLIMITED, a companion award to Student CM Awards, will impose no limit on applications, such as nationality or occupation, allowing for a wider range of people to apply for the movie contest than Student CM Awards, a contest for commercial video messages for which only students of the 11 designated Asian and Western countries and regions are qualified to apply.

Movies of all categories will be accepted, be it a TV commercial, a short film, a drama, a product PR video or otherwise, as long as they are less than 90 seconds in length. Any movie, however, will have to feature either a GATSBY product or the GATSBY brand.

People of all ages, from children to adults, and of any nationality can apply. Try to express whatever you have on your mind about GATSBY in the form of a movie.

*Winning movies will be sent to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Introduction of Judges

- Hideki Kuroda / CM Director
- Takaaki Yamazaki / Watson-Crick Inc. Creative Director, CM Planner
- Tatsuya Tsujinaka / Dentsu inc. Kansai Senior Creative Director
- Akio Okumura / Graphic Designer, Visiting Professor of Kyoto University
- Daisuke Takagi / Dentsu inc. Kansai Art Director
- Shota Matsuda / Actor, the GATSBY image character

For more information, please visit the GATSBY CM Award UNLIMITED website:                    


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