Math Learning Disability Can Stand in the Way of Child's Potential to Succeed

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HONG KONG, Dec. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- There are many types of learning disabilities that millions of children are afflicted with. Such learning disabilities are fairly common and can apply to many different subjects. But Interactive Tutors, a tutor center in Hong Kong, found that math learning disabilities are generally less common and recognizing the problem early on can lead to a better chance for successful treatment. Hiring a math tutor in Hong Kong is a method that many parents use to help their child overcome their inability to grasp math on their own. Math tutors can help the child focus and understand the basic concepts of math and eventually give the child the tools necessary for them to learn on their own.

Math tutoring in Hong Kong is not much different than any other part of the world. The math tutor will help direct the child's learning attention to the concept and calculations necessary to perform math functions. Such directed tutoring is more effective with an experienced math tutor rather than from someone who has less of a command of math. Effective math tutoring not only helps the child understand the concepts, but more importantly the types of calculations needed to solve the math problems.

Interactive Tutors also found that math learning disability is somewhat less common than many other learning disabilities that involve particular fields. For example, history, language, science and artistic fields may have common foundations but there are new discoveries or new methods being used every day. To stay on top of most learning fields requires learning new approaches and understanding new concepts. Even the facts of history can change when new discoveries are made.

But math is usually fairly stable, as in 2 plus 2 will always equal 4 because the rules themselves are fairly rigid. While there are new discoveries and changes made in math, they generally are less changing than in most other fields of learning. The basic concepts of math have remained relatively unchanged for centuries, although to be fair the teaching concepts have undergone significant changes in the past two centuries.

Most children with math learning disabilities may fully understand the math concepts, but the actual calculation is where they have difficulties. Often they will become frustrated with knowing the concept of how a calculation can be done, but are unable to actually execute it. This is where math tutoring comes in to help focus the child's mental abilities and learn through repetition how basic math calculations work. This continued practice will over time help many children with math learning disabilities overcome most, if not all of their problems with math.

The side benefits can be powerful when working with math tutors. Many educational concepts have roots in mathematics such as the broad field science and engineering for example. Understanding basic math concepts will open up the child's potential and give them the opportunities to grow in learning areas that would otherwise be off limits because of their limitations in math.

For those with children in Hong Kong who need math tutoring, getting them the help they need can lead to more opportunities and better understanding of the world for the child.

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