Media China in Joint-effort With Academia and Industry to Establish Panmedia Institute (PMI)

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2010-05-14 17:43 1470

HONG KONG, May 14 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Media China Corporation Limited ("Media China" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries as the "Group") (Stock Code: 00419.HK), a leading media group, satellite channel operator and entertainment content provider in China, announced that the Panmedia Institute ("PMI") was officially established today in Beijing. PMI is a joint-effort of the Company and renowned organizations including Millward Brown, a leading international market consulting agency. Over one hundred professionals from the media industry and academia attended the ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the first non-profit institute engaged in media studies in China.

Mr. Edward Tian Suning, Chairman of Media China, said, "The media industry in China has entered a rapid growth phase. Changing domestic and global market conditions, especially innovations in communication technology, has brought both challenges and opportunities. PMI is being established at a critical period in the development of the media industry. As one of the leaders in the industry, it is a great honour for Media China to join hands with renowned academic and industry professionals in forming the first institution engaged in media studies in China. It provides a solid foundation for research and innovation."

PMI is a non-profit, open-ended institute engaging in media studies with a primary focus on innovation in the media industry. It provides funding support to researchers for study of various subjects including transformation of media companies, development strategy of media brands and evaluation of the effectiveness of Internet advertising. Managers can learn from PMI's findings to enhance their skills and operating efficiency of their companies, thereby making the Chinese media sector more competitive globally.

Professor Li Hairong at the Michigan State University will be the Dean of PMI. He said, "China's media environment is unique. The country has a huge consumer market. Moreover, the number of new media users is amongst the highest in the world. There are many subjects in the domestic media sector worth studying. The research will open up new paths for media studies."

A number of renowned academic and industry experts attended the PMI establishment press conference, including Prof. Li Liangrong of Fudan University, Vice Chairman of PMI and Ms. Li Qianling Bessie, CEO of Group M's China division under WPP. They also presented their ideas on media convergence, development of the market and China's opportunities in the global industry. Meanwhile, Millward Brown also announced the Top 100 Global Brands and presented opportunities and challenges facing the internationalization of Chinese brands.

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