Mercuria Energy Group Supports the First Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project in Guinea

Mercuria Energy Group
2010-07-13 22:13 1554

GENEVA, July 13 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Mercuria is pleased to announce the signing of a forward sale contract of more than 1,000,000 (1million) carbon credits between The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of The Republic of Guinea and Mercuria Energy Group, a leading international energy company. The transaction will be under the guidelines of the United Nations. This project is the first CDM activity undertaken in Guinea.

Emission Reductions underlying this transaction will be generated by the installation of anaerobic digesters in order to treat and transform the organic fraction of Conakry’s waste into renewable electricity. Spread over several sites, this system will create new jobs, improve urban sanitation and public health. One of the intentions is to try to reduce the spread of diseases such as Cholera.

Mercuria Energy Group CEO Marco Dunand says, "This an innovative project, the first of its kind in Guinea. We are very pleased to be part of this process and be partnering with the Government of Guinea. This is a clear example of how sustainable development can be paired with a commercial energy project. It also shows Mercuria’s growing commitment to business in Africa."

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Source: Mercuria Energy Group