Ministry of Tourism and Sports Launches "Discovery Thailand" to Open Thailand for the Youth Travelers' Year

Thailand's Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS)
2010-11-16 17:54 2027

BANGKOK, Nov. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The Minister of Tourism and Sports (MOTS), encourages the educational tours for the ASEAN youth, which coincide with the current Youth Travelers' Year. "Discovery Thailand" is an activity that would trigger the youth's curiosity to learn and exchange experiences from the journey through Thailand together. The ASEAN youths will get to tour the beautiful landmarks of Thailand, allowing them to exchange viewpoints and cultures.

MOTS launch "Discovery Thailand": Mr. Yutthaphon Ankinandana Secretary to the Minister of Tourism and Sport (the 8th from the left) and Ms. Saengchan Warasumanta, Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Tourism and Sports (the 9th from the left) announce the "Discovery Thailand" with the representatives from ASEAN Plus Three countries at the Chao Praya Park Hotel, Bangkok

The campaign follows the theme of discovering the hidden treasures and places in Thailand that many of the youths may not have experienced before. They have this chance to explore all the fascinating sights of Thailand for one week, starting on the Monday, 15th November 2010 till Sunday 21st November 2010. Both the Thai and ASEAN+3 youths, which also includes youths from China, Japan, and Korea, will travel a round trip starting from Bangkok, Petchburi, Prachuab Khirikhan, Supaanburi, and ending in Sukhothai.

Along the way, the youths are given the chance to bond and build on the relationship between the countries through experiencing the Thai lifestyle and sights. The trip will also advise them on the facts of tourism that affect the environment and how they can help prevent the many environmental issues that are caused by tourism. The Ministry is aiming for Thailand to be the tourism central of Asia, and is pushing this campaign to be the bridge to reach their objectives for the policy by educating the future generation of the ASEAN countries about tourism and Thailand.

Source: Thailand's Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS)
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