Mirahome Launches Mooring Indiegogo Campaign: Pre-Orders for the Perfect Night's Sleep, Every Night

Smart mattress pad, intelligent center and mobile app monitor sleep habits and environment, adjusting your body temperature for sleep improvement.
2016-04-04 21:03 1888

SHANGHAI, April 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Mirahome, 2016 - Mirahome launches Mooring, a smart thermostatic sleep system that monitors the user's sleep habits and environment during sleep and automatically adjusts temperature and humidity of their mattress. It goes on Pre-Order today on Indiegogo from $149.

Mooring is here to help you clarify your doubt about how you slept last night and find a new way to improve your sleep quality. By putting a thermostatic mattress pad, an intelligent center and a connected app to work together, Mooring creates a customized sleep experience for the users to sleep tight in the right temperature, wake up feeling refreshed and receive insights about their rest.

"Just like a perfect life partner, Mooring hears you and do give you a response whenever you needed." Said Alice, Co-Founder of Mirahome, "When sleep, temperature matters. By monitoring your sleep and adjusting the temperature of the bed, Mooring helps you to have a good sleep every night easily and safely."

With Mooring, know how your sleep was last night

The Mooring Smart Sleep System monitors body temperature, heart rate and body movements with its mattress pad so that users can monitor and track their sleep phases without any wearable technology. Mooring also senses room conditions such as ambient temperatures, humidity, noise and light levels and provides an overlook on your sleep environment and health condition.

What's more? With Mooring, create better sleep tonight

Mooring uses an adaptive learning system to monitor sleep patterns in real time and adjusts the temperature of the bed to help the user have a healthy, uninterrupted sleep in different sleep phase. As an increase in body temperature allows the body to fall asleep faster and a slow decrease ensures the user maintain a deep sleep, Mooring adjusts it automatically according to your sleep patterns.

Mooring also detects when you are in the lightest phase of your sleep and uses an Intelligent Vibration Alarm to wake you in a soft, natural way. No more annoying alarm clocks or snooze buttons in the morning ever again.

Take the good sleep On your phone

The Mooring System includes a free mobile app. Users are able to monitor lots of facts about their sleep, including the sleep time, the light, deep and REM sleep with the help of the app. More than that, users can monitor health data such as heartbeat, breathing rate and body movements. Mooring is smart enough to set a duel temperature zone on the mattress separately when you have a partner.

It also includes a Soundless Intelligent Vibration Alarm to wake you and your partner up separately.

The Mooring Smart Mattress Pad is now available on Indiegogo at the starting price of $109 for queen bed size and $129 for king size. Why not sleep smart to sleep tight from now on.

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