Mobile Telephone Subscriber Survey Results Released: Degree of Satisfaction Up

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-- 2007 White Paper on China’s Mobile Telephone Subscriber Degree of Satisfaction Survey Formally Released

BEIJING, Dec. 6 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- CCID Consulting, China’s leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Stock Exchange: HK08235), presents its article on Mobile Telephone Subscriber Survey and the Degree of Satisfaction.

During the 2007 China’s Mobile Telephone Product Conference, the 8th CCID China’s Mobile Telephone Subscriber Degree of Satisfaction Survey Findings Release Conference held by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., discussion topics included degree of satisfaction of subscribers, product innovation and the five hot segment markets of GPS mobile telephones under the theme "Pioneering the blue ocean of mobile telephones and driving the development of 3G.” During this conference, CCID Consulting released the 2007 White Paper on China’s Mobile Telephone Subscriber Degree of Satisfaction Survey and 2007 China’s Mobile Telephone Market Development Blue Paper.

Based on CCID Consulting’s degree of satisfaction quota system, the 8th CCID China’s Mobile Telephone Subscriber Degree of Satisfaction Survey was conducted with meticulous statistical analysis and expert evaluation. Motorola, TCL and Dopod won the 2007 User-Satisfied Brand Award for brand strategies matching the market. Sony Ericsson, ZTE, Haier, Samsung and Changhong won the 2007 User-Satisfied Quality Award by virtue of their excellent product quality. In the market with homogenous products, innovation has become the source of power for enterprise development, and ZET and TCL earned the Innovative Enterprise Award owing to their sound performance in the mobile telephone blue ocean market. In addition, ZTE E700, Dopod P800 and Amoi N6 won the User-Satisfied Navigation Mobile Telephone Award for their sound performance in the navigation market, and Samsung W579 and Haier N96 won the User-Satisfied Dual-Mode Dual-Standby Mobile Telephone Award owing to their performance in the dual mode market.

Degree of Satisfaction rises above 70% for the first time

The 2007 China’s Mobile Telephone Subscriber Degree of Satisfaction Survey Findings released by CCID Consulting show that the degree of satisfaction of subscribers rose again after growth last year. The 2007 degree of satisfaction of subscribers grew to 72.1%, up by 9.6% over the previous year, because of enhanced product support, product technology and consumer survey quality.

The localization of product support enhances the degree of satisfaction of subscribers. Along with the amalgamation of mobile telephone industry links, the production of mobile telephones is being localized, and the major accessories can be supplied locally. More and more Chinese enterprises are growing fast and casting off dependency on import of accessories. Through localization, the enterprises could reduce the production links, reduce the production cost and thus improve the quality of products while reducing the market price to meet the user demand.

The development of multimedia applications technologies drives product integration and innovation. In the process of developing from 2G to 2.75G, the technical applications are becoming more mature, and the product concentration schemes accelerate the integration and innovation of the mobile telephone industry. Starting in 2006, some enterprises, including Spreadtrum Communications, released solutions with a highly integrated monolithic chip, which integrates the base-band, power management and multimedia processor. Such Turnkey mode accelerates the product release of manufacturers and makes it easier for manufacturers to add innovative functions to the fundamental mode.

The subscribers are more satisfied with the product quality and price. In this survey, the degree of satisfaction includes four indicators (quality, function, appearance and price), and the subscribers seem to be more satisfied with the product quality and product price. (The score is 80.5 and 79.1 respectively). The quality of Chinese brands, such as ZTE, Ahong, Haier and Samsung, grew in large scale during the quality satisfaction degree evaluation, and they won the User-Satisfied Quality Award.

The improved product support, product technology and consumer survey lead to the growth in the overall satisfaction degree of subscribers in 2007, which drives the sustainable development of the overall industry.

Expansion of product application scope

Along with the evolution of product functions, mobile telephones have developed from simple communication tools to multi-function multimedia products, and the new functions affect the degree of satisfaction of consumers. The new functions of mobile telephones, such as webpage browsing, recreational download, GPS navigation, mobile TV and so on, are entering the life of common consumers gradually. In the face of the falling average prices of mobile telephones, more and more consumers stress product functions and become more practical. ZET C310, Hi-Tech Wealth Electronics S116 and U8 won the User-Satisfied Energy-Saving Mobile Telephone Award and User-Satisfied Secure Mobile Telephone Award owing to their good performance on energy conservation and information security.

The data collected by CCID Consulting shows that the multimedia functions of mobile telephones can develop further after the problems relating to application fees, service types and operation convenience are settled. This requires the joint efforts of all links in order to enhance the degree of satisfaction of subscribers and innovate both the product mode and content. In this survey, the subscribers stress webpage browsing and GPS navigation. 37% of the consumers hope to purchase mobile telephones with webpage browsing function, and 33% hope to purchase mobile telephones with webpage browsing as well as GPS navigation. The intelligent mobile telephones, such as Dopod P800, Amoi N6 and ZTE E700, are welcomed by consumers because of sound performance on navigation. Mobile telephone subscribers judge mobile telephone functions based on practical applications, and consumers are attracted by the high-end business and recreational functions along with the coming of 3G age.

3G is coming to China. The enterprises are making constant efforts, and the government is releasing related policies. Consumers are looking forward to the 3G market, and there lie huge business opportunities for specialized industrial applications. The mobile telephones are subdivided, targeting different users. Competitive products can be released only by grasping the characteristics of each market segment and industry trends. Enhanced cooperation among enterprises at different links and strengthened innovation would maximize the functional applications. There are many market opportunities for businesses in each link of the industry, such as the terminal-based applications, combination with PC, network and enterprise database and wireless application development.

Emphasis on brand marketing and Chinese business development

In the face of the coming third peak of mobile telephone replacement and the coming 3G age, both the Chinese and international brands enjoy huge market space in future market competitions. As to the feedback of consumers on the product price, quality, function, appearance, service and advertising, it is observed that the Chinese mobile telephone subscribers have become more rational. In the critical period of market competitions when consumers are more rational, pure product marketing and advertising marketing are not enough. It is more important to build up the overall brand image.

After the market matures, the brand marketing of Chinese mobile telephone manufacturers will be reflected in products and services. The Chinese mobile telephone enterprises are familiar with the market and they may add brand advantages to products besides innovating the product content and improving the production scale. TCL released the dual-brand strategy aiming at the market in order to expand the user scope, and it won the User-Satisfied Brand Award this time. For the numerous Chinese mobile telephone brands, it is of practical meaning to take advantage of local brand marketing.

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