New GM International Operation Settles in Shanghai, Second Only to Detroit Headquarter in Significance

2009-07-13 08:47 615

HONG KONG, July 13 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- GM has gone through the bankruptcy and reconstitution process within 40 days- a "lightening" speed, emerging as the new GM on July 10 formally. The reconstituted new GM has given up all its previous regional operation systems and withdrawn the establishment of operational areas in Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. It has settled its global operational base in Shanghai instead, coordinating its operations in various areas around the world, demonstrating the profound emphasis GM has placed on Chinese market. According to figures, China's auto sales surpassed 6 million units in the first half of the year, becoming the largest auto market in the world followed by U.S. and Japan. Meanwhile, during the same period, GM (China) Investment Corp. and its subsidiary joint ventures have collectively posted an auto sale of 814,442 units, up 38.0% from the same period in the previous year, registering a new high in GM's half-year auto sales in China.

The new GM set up an international operation base in Shanghai immediately after its reconstitution, appointing Nick Reilly, the former President of GM Asia Pacific, as the Executive Vice President of GM international operations. This demonstrably shows that the commendable performance on the China-led Asia Pacific market is recognized by the headquarter. points out that, China has become the delicious cheese which much coveted by auto makers around the world. Huge automobile demand, robust market growth rate, strong desire for auto technologies and a relatively stable economic environment emerging from the financial crisis have all contributed to its appeal to global auto makers. Especially the North America auto industry, affected by the bankruptcy cases of giants such as Chrysler and GM, is having a hard time as whole vehicle makers on the entire industrial chain struggles, dragging down various car parts makers into bankruptcy along with them. has been closely watching the development of the global auto market, and opened an Automobile Hall accordingly, in the "Fair N Fair" 3D Virtual Expo platform developed on its own. It is stepping up efforts to invite high-end auto-related enterprises around the globe to enter the exposition. Differentiated strategies can be put forth through "the use of 3D virtual reality technology" and "a tight access standard favoring high-end enterprises"; making itself shine out from scores of mediocre e-commerce platforms around the world. The high-end access system has set apart the global industrial Top 500 enterprises from thousands of SMEs, building up a VIP Club that gathers together global high-end enterprises.

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