Nigeria to Increase Telecommunications Competition and Services Throughout the Country Through the Award of Radio Spectrum

ABUJA, Nigeria, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- In a bilateral agreement, as part of a broader development of economic relations between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, the Nigerian Government has agreed to licence spectrum in the 1800MHz and 900MHz bands to the Mubadala Development Company of the United Arab Emirates. The detail of the licensing agreement and its implementation will be managed by The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

In addition, the Board of the NCC is pleased to announce its intention to proceed with the licensing of radio spectrum in the 3G and 450 MHz bands. These new licences will encourage the deployment of advanced technology to continue the development of telecommunications in Nigeria. The new licences will also provide an opportunity to attract additional new operators and more investment into this rapidly growing market in Africa's most populous country.

Importantly, the release of more spectrum supports the Government's policy of improving access to communication services and extending coverage, especially into rural areas. Subscribers can also expect to receive an increased range of services, improved quality of service and better value for money.

The NCC will ensure that the process of awarding spectrum will be competitive and fair. Engr. Ernest Ndukwe, Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, reaffirmed that "the NCC is committed to implementing Government policy on telecommunications by having open and transparent development within this important part of the Nigerian economy and infrastructure."

The process for awarding new licences has included the appointment of PA Consulting Group, a leading firm of international management and telecommunications consultants. John Buckley of PA said, "we are pleased to be tasked by the NCC with assisting in developing and overseeing the process for the award of licences, to ensure it meets international best practice."

The next step will be the issue of a 'Public Notice,' which will provide more details about the process, the spectrum on offer and the indicative timeframes involved. All information and press releases will be made available through the NCC website.

About the NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The Commission is responsible for creating an environment that enables competition among operators in the industry, as well as ensuring the provision of quality and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country. To achieve its mandate, the Commission has put in place the necessary licensing and regulatory framework for the supply of telecommunications services.

About PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm. Operating worldwide in more than 35 countries, PA draws on the knowledge and experience of 3,000 people, whose skills extend from initial generation of ideas, insights and solutions through to detailed implementation. Its work and support is based on deep sector insight and expertise across the private and public sectors. It has particular strengths in telecommunications, financial services, energy, life sciences and healthcare, government and public services, manufacturing and defence.

Source: The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)
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