Nuctech X-ray Scanners Used Worldwide to Detect Illegal Drugs and Contraband in 2016

2016-12-16 23:00 1683

BEIJING, Dec. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of x-ray security product and solutions, Nuctech products are now deployed in well over 140 countries and regions, and have been used to detect illegal drugs and contraband across the world and on a daily basis in 2016.

Nuctech provides security for the civil aviation, customs, railways and urban rail transit industries, as well as for public events. With its sophisticated and innovative x-ray technology and comprehensive products and services, the company has become a recognized name around the world.

Nuctech has assisted police in Thailand with drug detection numerous times this year, and using Nuctech products, Thai police have seized a large number of drugs in 2016.

Specifically, in February, a suspicious truck that had been manually checked as "clear" was then checked by Nuctech's vehicle inspection system and found to have 160,000 amphetamine tablets hidden in its inner layer. A second major case occurred in July when a suspect vehicle was caught carrying 20,000 amphetamine tablets at another site and in November, at that same site, 700,000 amphetamine tablets and 65kg of methamphetamine was detected in a truck by Nuctech's stationary inspection system.

In Lebanon in October, Lebanese customs seized a million amphetamine tablets with the use of Nuctech's mobile inspection system. After analyzing the image on the screen, the operator found abnormalities in the top portion of the truck's cargo; he then pried open the cover plate and found the large quantity of drugs.

Another big success was in the Republic of Georgia, where customs detected 178kg of heroin hidden in the chassis of a truck.

Precious metals have also been detected. In March of 2016, suspicious items were found in a routine check of bags checked by the Beijing Capital International Airport Customs Express Supervision Center. They were then passed onto Nuctech's RT3000SI Raman identifier that identified them as diamonds - 80 pieces in total, the biggest of which was 2 karats. The total value was about RMB1 million (approx. USD150,000).

In South America, Ecuadorian customs used Nuctech's inspection systems to help them detect smuggled wine and illegal smartphones hidden under the seats and in the bottom of a truck.

These cases illustrate just a small portion of some of the seizures in 2016. In the face of ever changing and evolving threats, Nuctech continues to keep its customers armed with the latest advances in x-ray security detection while making a difference in the fight against illegal trade with the overall aim of creating a safer world.

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