Over 1000 Clinical Cases Evaluated Using IQQA(R)-Liver in Supporting Multidisciplinary Liver Imaging Evaluations

2010-08-13 06:35 1672
PRINCETON, N.J., Aug. 13 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- EDDA Technology announced today that the number of clinical cases evaluated for pre- and post- operative assessment using IQQA(R)-Liver in hospitals has exceeded 1000 examinations, since the first commercial system installation in Q2 2009. EDDA's IQQA(R)-Liver, now marketed worldwide, is a comprehensive workflow solution supporting modern multidisciplinary liver imaging evaluation and management. 

Primary liver cancer represents one of the most common malignancies in the world and accounts for almost 1.25 million deaths annually. In the US, liver disease is among the ten major causes of death. The management of hepatic tumors presents a challenging problem. Advanced preoperative imaging assessment is paramount in determining appropriate treatment, and requires the participation of a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, oncologists, hepatologists, and interventional radiologists specializing in liver malignancy.

IQQA(R)-Liver is designed to cope with such a challenge. It provides an innovative toolset for real-time interactive assessment and volumetric quantification of liver, liver lobes, hepatics lesions and vessels. With the intuitive and easy-to-use tools, physicians may in real-time perform virtual simulation of resection, lobular/segmental/vascular manipulation and quantification to achieve desired planning result typically within minutes. 

EDDA's proprietary IT technology allows enterprise-wide deployment of IQQA(R)-Liver via web so as to quick share data and results anywhere anytime among the multidisciplinary liver team. 

IQQA(R)-Liver has clearance by the FDA, China SFDA, Taiwan DOH, and carries the CE mark. It is currently in use at numerous prestigious liver transplantation/surgery/interventional centers worldwide, including University of Colorado Hospitals Denver, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Tianjin First Center Hospital, Beijing You'an Hospital, Nanjing Gulou Hospital, etc.   

In one study, University of Colorado Hospital Denver used IQQA(R)-Liver to retrospectively evaluate the entire living liver donor (LLD) candidate studies rejected in a 2 year period, and found that about 48% that were previously rejected due to anatomic abnormalities by conventional CT visualization could have favorable anatomy for LLD. According to Dr. Igal Kam, Chief of Transplantation, and Dr. Paul Russ, Professor of Radiology, "IQQA(R)-Liver allows for better understanding of surgical anatomy and surgical planning in the preoperative evaluation. This will have positive outcome on available livers and LLD selection."   Results will be presented at the XXIII International Congress of the Transplantation Society in Vancouver.  EDDA will exhibit IQQA(R)-Liver at this congress (booth #38).

About EDDA Technology

EDDA Technology, Inc. is an innovative clinical computer solution provider in healthcare imaging and analysis. EDDA offers a series of next generation computer assistance solutions to the entire patient care management cycle, including enabling early detection and diagnosis of diseases, as well as enhancing efficiency and precision in treatment planning, management and follow-up. EDDA's goal is to deliver, with broad accessibility, advanced information analysis technologies that improve clinical workflow and accuracy. A privately held Delaware corporation, EDDA is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, and has a subsidiary in Shanghai, China. IQQA(R) is a registered trademark of EDDA Technology.
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