PPTV, Jointly with Hunan TV and EE Media, to Launch 2011 China Super Girl Reality Show
2011-05-18 21:04 1766

PPTV, which belongs to PPLive, will provide exclusive online broadcasting for 2011 China Super Girl Reality show on

SHANGHAI, May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- PPLive Corporation, a leading Chinese Internet TV portal, and the global OTT TV platform provider, today announced an exclusive partnership with Hunan TV and EE Media to launch the 2011 China Super Girl Show from 7/9/2011 to 9/9/2011. This show will be the largest TV entertainment show ever launched in China with both a TV and Internet presence. Throughout the 63 days, PPLive will broadcast 24x7 contents of the show, through its global online video portal, reaching millions of PPLive users and Super Girl fans globally. The website is online today.

The launch ceremony for the PPTV 2011 China Super Girl Reality Show official website

24x7 none stop TV Show, online and on TV channel

Compared to previous shows using on stage performance to compete, 2011 China Super Girl Show will use an "Academy Model" to elect the top 10 Super Girls. In this academy, 10 Super Girl candidates will live, train and compete together. PPTV will broadcast the whole process, with on stage and off stage camera views, 24x7, to present the most "authentic views" about the Super Girls.

Multiple cameras to present 360 degree view of the Academy and Super Girls

2011 China Super Girl show is the first in China, to deliver 24x7 online broadcasting. is the exclusive video portal to deliver multiple views of the academy from all angles, none stop. Every moment of Super girls life in the academy, will be live cast, recorded, and delivered to PC, iPad, and mobile phones.

Interactive experience between fans and their Super Girls

On, fans can select the super girls of their choice. Fan's love, support and passion ensure an unforgettable experience for the whole show. Fans will select their choice of Super Girls through first hand interaction experience such as phone calls and tasks assignment. Fans can also create their own fan site on Fans can visit their super girl in the academy, or send in news reporter to interview them; thus creating a zero distance interactive experience.

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