PR Newswire Opens New Chengdu Office, Expanding the Horizons of China's Western Region

2011-05-27 12:13 1113

CHENGDU, China, May 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- PR Newswire, the global leader of innovative marketing and communications solutions, held the inaugural China Enterprises Overseas Communications Conference and the opening ceremony of its new Chengdu office at the Sofitel Wanda Chengdu on May 19. This new hub in the western region of China will represent PR Newswire's fourth office in mainland China, following the successes of its Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen bureaus.

Planning Bureau of Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Ninan Chacko, the CEO of PR Newswire together to celebrate the opening of PR Newswire's new Chengdu office.

The opening of the new office is the first time a global marketing and communications solutions provider has established a footprint in the increasingly open western region of China, and also demonstrates PR Newswire's efforts to further expand its business and service network across the country. With its leading global corporate communications network and array of professional services, PR Newswire is committed to helping fast-growing enterprises in the western part of China expand their horizons and enhance their competitiveness in the global market by strengthening their brand positioning worldwide and improving their ability to engage with global audiences.  

Representatives from over 30 local enterprises and government organizations, and more than 20 local media agencies, were in attendance to hear Mr. Ninan Chacko, the CEO of PR Newswire, share his views on the opportunities and challenges facing Chinese enterprises in the field of overseas communications as well as PR Newswire's continued commitment to China. At the meeting, PR Newswire also released a whitepaper on the current trends in overseas communications. The document summarizes the evolution of communications methodologies, including how, over the last ten years, Chinese companies have expanded their reach and methods for engaging with overseas markets. Leveraging PR Newswire's extensive experience and industry insight, the paper also provides advice and reference materials that can assist Chinese enterprises in improving their overseas communications in the ever evolving era of new media and the internet.

"As Chengdu continues to open up to the outside world, Chengdu's levels of internationalization and modernization is continuously improving," said Mr. Tang Jiqiang, director at the Development and Planning Bureau of Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone during his speech at the event. "A number of Fortune 500 companies have set up operations here, and a multitude of Chinese companies have reached out to the world. The world needs to hear us and it behooves us to get to know the outside world. PR Newswire has built a new communications bridge for us with its professional standards and authoritative voice. We wish PR Newswire Chengdu success and an ever brighter future."

The implementation of the government's West Development Strategy has been the driver of change in western China during the last ten years, bringing average annual increases of 11.9% in regional GDP and 23.2% in the region's foreign trade. A large number of companies have entered foreign markets and have successfully competed in this arena. They have made great strides in expanding their overseas reach during the last several years through export trade, investment in the building of factories, contract construction, as well as mergers and acquisitions, among other activities. Nevertheless, the region still has much room for development. The construction of development and free trade zones as well as industrial bases throughout the region has attracted much foreign investment and facilitated the rapid development of the local economy. All these activities require fast and timely information exchanges with overseas markets in order to strengthen communications efforts and build better brand awareness.

During the more than nine years since its entry into the Chinese market, PR Newswire has continually been dedicated to helping companies of all sizes across China communicate and engage with their target audiences as they expand into overseas markets. As the only global corporate information distribution agency with a team providing 24-hour support services in mainland China, PR Newswire's fully localized infrastructure is specifically designed to better serve the communications needs of domestic companies who seek to reach overseas markets. During the last several years, over one hundred companies from China's Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, and Yunnan provinces have bridged the information gap between themselves and the world with the help of PR Newswire.

"The opening of the Chengdu office represents another milestone in the growth of PR Newswire's presence in China. But more importantly, it allows us to further understand the communications needs of businesses across China, and provide them with a higher quality of service," said Mr. Yujie Chen, the Managing Director of PR Newswire China during the opening ceremony. "Going forward, we will continue to increase our investments in the Chinese market, making it possible for companies, regardless of their location, to always be at the forefront of the communications field and to assist them as they compete in the international arena."

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