PacificNet to Present at China's 4th Annual International Conference on Gaming Industry and Public Welfare

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BEIJING, Nov. 29 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- PacificNet, Inc. (Nasdaq: PACT), a leading provider of gaming and lottery technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in China, announced today that its Chairman and CEO, Mr. Tony Tong, along with the senior officials of its subsidiary companies including Take1 Technologies (Take1), PacificNet Games (PactGames) and Guangdong Poly will present at the 4th Annual International Conference on Gaming Industry and Public Welfare in Shanghai and Macao, China on Dec. 1-3, 2007. PacificNet's latest gaming products such as video lottery terminals (VLTs), mobile gaming devices, bingo and keno gaming machines will also be showcased at the 2nd Annual Gaming Technology & Machine Expo, which accompanies the conference.

The International Conference on Gaming Industry and Public Welfare and the Gaming Technology & Machine Expo are jointly organized by the China Center for Lottery Studies (CCLS) at Peking University, Macao Polytechnic Institute, the Institute for Tourism Studies, and the Macao Tourism and Casino Career Center, providing a professional platform for the global gaming industry to share management experience, encourage healthy development and encourage academic studies. International government officers, scholars, in-service workers and operators within the gaming industry are invited to bring together research and ideas from different countries in the areas of gaming management, control and surveillance systems.

International Conference on Gaming Industry and Public Welfare - Conference Information:

Theme: New Technologies and the Trends of the Gaming Industry in China

Venues: China Hall, Pudong Shangri-la Hotel, Shanghai & Lecture Theatre

1, Macao Polytechnic, Macau, China

Main Topics:

-- Successful Lottery in the Future for China

-- Constructing the Propagation of Gambling Culture in Harmonious Society

-- New Technologies and Trends: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the

Gaming Industry in the Asia-Pacific Region

-- An Effect Study on Macao's Gaming and Tourism Image


-- Professor Shen Mingming, Director, China Centre for Lottery Studies

(CCLS) Peking University

-- Professor William R. Eadington, Director, Institute for the Study of

Gambling and Commercial Gaming, University of Nevada, Reno, US

-- Dr. Wang Xuehong, Post Doctor, Research Institution for Fiscal

Science, Ministry of Finance, P. R. China--Gambling and Football Games

-- Mr. Kim K.W. Mak, Executive Director, Hong Kong Jockey Club

-- Professor Wang Wuyi, Researcher, Social Economic and Public Policy

Research Center, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao SAR

-- Mr. Yu Jianguo, Director, Welfare Lottery Centre of Shanghai, P.R.


-- Mr. Zhu Xiaoming, Director, Sports Lottery Centre of Hebei Province,

P.R. China

-- Professor Shane Thomas, Director of Primary Care Research and

Professor and Director of Melbourne / Monash Problem Gambling

Treatment Research Centre, Monash University, Australia

-- Professor Xie Zhongjie, Chief Mathematician, School of Mathematical

Sciences and China Centre for Lottery Studies (CCLS) Peking

University, China

-- Professor David Forrest, Centre for the Study Of Gambling, University

of Salford, UK

"We are honored to be invited to present our products and services to China's lottery gaming industry, leading gaming research authorities and government regulators including the Ministry of Finance of the Welfare and Sports Lottery Center," said Mr. Tong. "This is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our latest gaming and lottery products and technology, as well as our successes in other legal gaming jurisdictions. We are delighted to share PacificNet's successful experience with China's leading gaming and lottery experts, researchers, and government policy makers on gaming technologies for social welfare and the promotion of legal gaming."

PacificNet's recent investment in Guangdong Poly, a leading legal welfare lottery operator in China, is expected to enable PacificNet to participate in China's rapidly growing state-sponsored legalized gaming and electronic lottery operations. Guangdong Poly is a leading operator approved by China's Welfare Lottery Center to develop and operate real-time electronic paperless lottery services in China, in accordance with the rules and regulations set by China's Welfare Lottery Center. China's lottery market surpassed US$10 billion in 2006 and is expected to continue growing according to the Chinese Ministry of Finance, which oversees all of China's lottery sales. Of the US$10 billion spent on lotteries in China, over US$6 billion was generated via the China Welfare Lottery (CWL) system, representing a 20% increase over 2005.

About PacificNet

PacificNet, Inc. ( is a leading provider of gaming and mobile game technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in China. PacificNet's gaming products are specially designed for Chinese and Asian gamers with focus on integrating localized Chinese and Asian themes and content, advanced graphics, digital sound effects and popular domestic music, with secondary bonus games and jackpots. PacificNet gaming products include: Multi-player Electronic Table Games-Baccarat, Sicbo, Fish-Prawn-Crab, and Roulette machines, Server-Based Games (SBG) with multiple client betting stations, slot and bingo machines, Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), Amusement With Prizes (AWP) machines, gaming cabinet and client/server system designs, online i-gaming software design, and multimedia entertainment kiosks. PacificNet's gaming clients include the leading hotels, casinos, and gaming operators in Macau, Asia, and Europe, while ecommerce and CRM clients include the leading telecom companies, banks, insurance, travel, marketing and business services companies and telecom consumers in Greater China such as China Telecom, China Mobile, Unicom, PCCW, Hutchison Telecom, Bell24, Motorola, Nokia, SONY, TCL, Huawei, American Express, Citibank, HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, DBS, TNT, China and Hong Kong government. PacificNet employs about 1,500 staff in its various subsidiaries throughout China with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and Zhuhai China, USA and the Philippines.

PacificNet's Major Operation Subsidiaries:

-- PacificNet Games Limited (, is a leading

provider of Asian multi-player electronic gaming machines, gaming

technology solutions, gaming related maintenance, IT and distribution

services for the leading hotel, casino and slot hall operators based

in Macau, China and other Asian gaming markets.

-- Take1 Technologies (, is in the

business of designing and manufacturing electronic multimedia

entertainment kiosks, coin-op kiosks and machines, Electronic Gaming

Machines (EGM), bingo and slot machines, AWP (Amusements With Prizes)

games, server-based downloadable games systems, and Video Lottery

Terminals (VLT) such as Keno and Bingo machines, including hardware,

software, and cabinets.

-- Pacific Solutions Technology, is a CMM Level 3 certified software

development center with over 200 software programmers located in

Shenzhen, China, and specializes in the development of client-server

systems, internet e-commerce software, online and casino gaming

systems and slot machines, as well as banking and telecom applications

using Microsoft Visual C++, Java, and other rapid application

development tools.

-- PacificNet Epro ( CRM Call Center and

Customer Services Outsourcing

-- PacificNet Clickcom (, VAS, SP,


-- Guangzhou Wanrong ( VAS, SP, SMS, MMS, IVR,

WAP, Java Games

-- PacificNet Communications Limited, iMobile (,,

Source: PacificNet, Inc.
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