PowerbyProxi Launches New Integrated Wireless Charging Smartphone Solution

2013-01-08 00:44 992

Plans to demo its advanced wireless power solution for smartphones at CES

PLEASANTON, Calif., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerbyProxi, ( developer of the world's most advanced and safest wireless power, will today preview its new integrated wireless charging smartphone solution at Pepcom's Digital Experience media event at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, at 7pm. PowerbyProxi's solution, which comprises a miniature receiver efficient enough to be integrated into the processor board of a smartphone without causing overheating, works with a transmitter that provides complete spatial freedom of positioning and is housed in a sleek charging pad. A demonstration can be viewed here:

"OEM feedback has been overwhelmingly positive to our initial samples and test data showing how far we are ahead of comparative solutions," said Greg Cross, chairman, PowerbyProxi. "This is the most advanced wireless charging system for smartphones available today, not only because our patented design allows for full spatial freedom on the charging pad, but because we can simultaneously charge up to three devices at full speed. At last, OEMs can offer their users a wireless charging solution that doesn't involve a compromise on performance."

Wireless charging solutions that have been integrated into smartphones to-date have typically suffered from problems like over-heating. This requires the development of a special thermal cover to protect the smartphone's circuitry and precise positioning on the charging pad for the transfer of power. Devices have also taken much longer to charge than if plugged into a wall socket. PowerbyProxi's solution provides charging at the same speed as wired charging and is based on a loosely-coupled design.

In summary, PowerbyProxi's solution comprises:

  • The first system capable of being fully integrated into a smartphone: the receiver circuit and coil can fit inside a smartphone alongside other components with no modification to the device itself.  No covers, sleeves or additional add-ons
  • The only system available that can charge up to three devices simultaneously at full power
  • The only wireless charging system that can charge devices at full wired speed offering a charge time equivalent to wired chargers
  • Advanced thermal management during charging.  PowerbyProxi's system ensures that the main components of the device – the battery, back cover and LCD screen – do not overheat or damage the device when streaming video/music during charging
  • The system has built-in foreign object detection so coins, keys, silverware, and other metal objects, do not overheat.  Remains at room temperature while on the pad and while other devices are charging
  • PowerbyProxi meets all safety (RF exposure) requirements for safe operation of the device

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About PowerbyProxi
PowerbyProxi has developed the world's most advanced and safest wireless power system. We give consumer electronics and industrial product designers the freedom to wirelessly transfer efficient power in the most difficult places: from a miniaturized receiver inside a AA battery to a mission critical solution in the demanding and hostile environment of a wind turbine control system. PowerbyProxi has worked with customers on over 50 real world projects and built its deep technical know-how by initially focusing on complex industrial applications. We have also created the first commercial wireless recharging system capable of 3D power transfer, regardless of how the device is positioned in the recharging unit. PowerbyProxi is a spin-out of the University of Auckland's world-leading engineering department and holds an unrivaled patent portfolio with 122 patents issued worldwide. For more information visit:

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