Print-Rite Showcases the New CoLiDo(TM) 3D Printer and Printout in CES 2016 Which Help Printing Larger and Higher Resolution 3D Models

Print-Rite brings its latest 3D printer and printout to CES, to explore larger print size and higher print resolution.
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HONG KONG, Dec. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Print-Rite, the manufacturer of CoLiDo™ 3D printers and filaments, will showcase its latest DLP technology 3D printer CoLiDo™ DLP 1.0, and the printout from huge build size 3D printer CoLiDo™ Mega at CES®.

CoLiDo DLP 1.0 3D Printers can build 3D models with up to 0.05 mm layer thickness.
CoLiDo DLP 1.0 3D Printers can build 3D models with up to 0.05 mm layer thickness.

Through a year of research and review with customers, Print-Rite understands the specific demands on 3D printing from different industries. CoLiDo™ DLP 1.0 is the new 3D printer from Print-Rite which targets users looking for very high print resolution. The resin-based printing material and stable machine structure allows CoLiDo™ DLP 1.0 to print 3D samples with up to 0.05 mm layer thickness. The printer is good for making fine prototype printouts of jewelry, toy figures, watches, etc.

Another group of users expect a 3D printer with huge build size. CoLiDo™ Mega is the printer they are looking for. It can build 3D printouts up to 1.5 meter tall and 1 meter wide. CoLiDo™ Mega helps users in the field of architecture, interior design, exhibition, machinery, etc to make 1:1 decor or parts.

CoLiDo™ DLP 1.0 and the printout from CoLiDo™ Mega will have their first appearance in the overseas market through CES 2016. Together with other printers and filaments, CoLiDo™ aims to satisfy the different demands from overseas market through its wide range for products.

CoLiDo™ joins CES 2016 through its global master distributor Union Technology International (MCO) Co., Ltd. Please visit CoLiDo™ booth at:

Booth No: 72538
3D Printing Section, Halls A-C, Level - 2, Sands Expo, Las Vegas

For more information, please visit

About Union Technology International (MCO) Co., Ltd. (Utec):

Utec is the global master distributor of Print-Rite which is a well-reputed Hong Kong based organization with their full range of products being monochrome and color laser toners, inkjet cartridges, wide format inks, chips, ribbons, other components and have successfully led this industry for over 35 years with more than 2600 patents. Print-Rite has always been innovation-driven with huge investments in R&D and CoLiDo™ being their latest creation.

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