QingCloud Secures a Foothold In Hong Kong to Kick Off Go-Global Drive

2014-10-28 09:32 1427

BEIJING, Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- QingCloud, a China-based provider of cloud computing services, announced in Beijing on October 27 that it would chart a new course into the international market as it launched the first Asia-Pacific zone, known as AP1, in Hong Kong. The move reflected QingCloud, the world's first IaaS provider that can deliver any number of IT resources in seconds and adopts a second-based billing system, has kicked off an aggressive go-outbound campaign to better serve clients around the globe.

Official Opening of QingCloud AP1 zone
Official Opening of QingCloud AP1 zone


The AP1, the fourth regional public cloud service zone launched by QingCloud since July 2013, provides multi-language and multi-currency payment services after the Chinese IaaS provider won more than 20,000 corporate clients.

QingCloud aims to make the list of the world's top cloud computing services providers as it is built with cutting-edge technologies such as distributed block storage system which ensures high I/O performance (128MB/s), real-time copies across different hardware, SDN-based private cloud service, block level device backup and recovery, and real-time P2P robots community collaboration which ensures failure aware and harmless, and all APIs unlimitedly opened.

Amid a firm belief that the ultimate duty of cloud computing is to reinvent the whole IT industry, and to build up a new IT ecosystem, QingCloud is committed to creating a reliable, secure, on-demand and real-time IT resource providing platform, which, unlike other cloud computing services that focus on hosting, is designed to penetrate the global enterprise market.

The affirmation results from its technical advantages as well as its successful operating results and a rapid business growth on the Chinese mainland.

Companies in the fields of both internet and mobile internet such as web, media sharing, cyber game, e-business, social networking, big data and mobile Apps are using QingCloud services to ensure the smooth operation of their systems.

Meanwhile, governments, and traditional industries including finance, manufacturing, education and construction also benefit from QingCloud's outstanding IaaS services which significantly help enhance IT operation efficiency, reduce TCO of IT systems and operation, and save maintenance costs. QingCloud also helped hundreds of start-ups to launch their businesses even with their small capital bases.

The launch of AP1, followed the operations of the first three QingCloud public cloud service zones - PEK1, GD1, and PEK2, reflected China's further integration into the world economy.

As international companies increasingly attach importance to China, the world's second-largest economy, the Chinese firms are also actively looking for opportunities abroad.

QingCloud believes that Hong Kong would be an ideal location for its first Asia-Pacific zone because it could target both the Chinese firms going outbound and foreign companies gravitating to China.

The AP1 provides high-speed broadband services in China and outside the country, which can better serve multinational firms with their businesses covering both China and other Asia-Pacific markets.

QingCloud is also putting final touches on its preparatory work for the expansion into the United States and plans to launch the USW1 zone soon.

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