Quattro Vascular Pte Ltd Announces First Singaporean Interventional Medical Product to Receive FDA Approval

2011-12-22 09:24 2355

SINGAPORE, Dec. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Quattro Vascular Pte Ltd (Quattro Vascular), developer of next generation percutaneous technologies for the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD) announced today that its Chocolate PTA balloon catheter (Chocolate), has received FDA clearance to market the product in the US. The product is distributed in the US by TriReme Medical, Inc. (TriReme Medical). Initial commercial cases performed by Dr Jihad Mustapha, Director of Endovascular Interventions and Research at Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming, Michigan, marked an exciting start for the company in the US market.

PAD is an obstruction of the blood flow in the peripheral arteries, most commonly in the arteries of the pelvis and legs. Left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain, significant limitations in the ability to walk or move, decreased quality of life, amputation and even death. Developed in Singapore in collaboration with TriReme Medical, Quattro Vascular's first product, Chocolate is a highly differentiated angioplasty catheter designed for a better treatment of PAD.

Chocolate's advanced design incorporates small balloon modules ("pillows") and is aimed at improving patients' outcomes by minimizing shear stress and allowing for uniform inflation and rapid deflation. The Chocolate "pillows" can expand locally to facilitate plaque modification and are designed to lower the strain and trauma induced on the vessel wall.

"I am thrilled by the pace and quality that can be attained by developing a product in Singapore," said Dr Eitan Konstantino, PhD, Co-founder and Director. "Commercial cases have started in the US immediately upon FDA approval and we are truly excited about the prospects for this product. I would like to recognize the efforts of EDB, Bio*One and SPRING for working to create an environment in Singapore where this type of significant medical innovation can occur."

"This is a major milestone, both for the Company and the medical device community in Singapore," said Dr Foo Fatt Kah, MD, Managing Director of Luminor Capital, which led two financing rounds for Quattro Vascular. "It demonstrates that with the right people, it is absolutely possible to build world-leading products and companies right here in Singapore."

About Quattro Vascular Pte Ltd

Headquartered in Singapore, Quattro Vascular Pte Ltd is a privately held medical device company dedicated to developing next generation product solutions to address the large, unmet clinical needs in the percutaneous treatment of complex vascular disease.

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