Quellan's QNx220 Noise Canceller Makes Tokyo Debut

Quellan, Inc.
2007-08-31 06:41 852

Company Dramatically Improves Mobile Device Signal Reception with RF Noise Cancelling Technology

TOKYO, Aug. 31 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- EDN Noise Symposium -- Quellan Incorporated, today announced the QNx220, the company's newest RF Noise Canceller for advanced mobile communications products. Based on the Company's patented CSP Noise Cancelling Technology, the ultra small CMOS IC cancels unwanted RF interference to improve receiver sensitivity. In a weak signal area a cell phone using the QNx220 can recover several bars of lost signal strength and a GPS receiver can obtain a location lock in just seconds rather than minutes.

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Specifically designed for mobile and stationary platforms where electromagnetic noise impairs reception, the Quellan QNx220 actively cancels interference by inverting and electronically subtracting emulated local noise signals from the receiver input signal. Gain and phase of the cancellation signal are continuously adjusted for optimum performance. This is especially effective with closely spaced antenna radiation, internal processor noise, and camera and display noise.

The QNx220 complements the QNx100 with a digital control interface for direct connection to SPI baseband processors, and a dual stage LNA for increased noise source sensitivity. The QNx220 is extremely small for ease of integration, measuring under 1mm on a side. The device is available in a Chip Scale Package for RF modules or in a QFN package for direct on-board use.

"Noise cancellation has traditionally been limited to the audio spectrum," said Tony Stelliga, Quellan's Chairman and CEO. "By removing noise at the RF antenna level in the Electromagnetic spectrum, a massive improvement in user experience beyond audio -- including video, signal clarity and location accuracy -- can be achieved. These improvements are impossible to achieve with conventional circuitry or signal processing techniques."

"The Quellan approach to the evasive noise problem is very innovative and profound, leading to an inexpensive solution for highly-converged mobile phone systems," comments Kenji Tsuda, a semiconductor technology analyst based in Tokyo. "Quellan's Noise Cancellers will greatly increase signal clarity even in weak-signal environments such as underground roadways or in high rise buildings," Tsuda continues, "Moving forward, we'll see a wide variety of functional capabilities in a wireless system with Quellan's Noise Cancellation, so consumers will enjoy clear high quality calls and mobile TV experience."

Quellan Incorporated is a leading developer of Analog ICs and a pioneer in Radio Frequency noise reduction and signal enhancement. Quellan currently serves the cell phone, PGP, PMP, laptop, GPS, mobile TV, and Data Center markets.

Source: Quellan, Inc.