Qunar Launches 'Travel Deals Search', Enhancing Market Reach of Chinese Online Travel Offerings
2007-06-21 17:33 774

BEIJING, June 21 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ --, the largest travel search engine in China, announced today the launch of the "Travel Deals Search". The new search tool extends their travel search services from air tickets and hotels to a broad range of travel packages, enabling consumers to search for virtually all online travel products.

Imagine the scenario: A young man in Beijing is sitting in front of his PC to plan his five-day trip with his girlfriend. Should they go to the seaside? Sounds great; go to a peaceful lakefront? Perhaps. They could also travel to the Southwest region of China to visit the limestone caves and the Stone Forest. But how can he choose a suitable travel package from the products offered by thousands of travel service providers? Now, the new search tool for travel packages, the first of its kind in China, has been launched.

Leveraging Qunar's "Travel Deals Search," consumers can complete direct, extensive transactions with travel service providers, which will significantly improve the efficiency of the online travel service sector, enhancing the presence of the online travel service market in the Chinese travel industry.

The "Travel Deals Search" of Qunar, which provides diversified, real-time and comprehensive search services, allows consumers to quickly choose the most suitable products from hundreds of thousands of travel options with its unique filtration functionality, ensuring consumers to find usable or up-to-date information on travel products whenever they need it. In addition, the "Travel Deals Search" also delivers the prompt function for customized mails and cheap air tickets, providing consumers with a variety of tailor-made information on promotions and discounts for virtually all travel destinations.

According to a 2007 survey of the structure and scale of the Chinese online travel booking market by iResearch, online hotel and ticket booking business is still the core business of the market. The scale of the online hotel and ticket booking markets is tending to be in balance. The travel product booking market, which emerged based on the hotel and ticket booking, is currently placed third. However, consumers prefer to choose the one-stop booking service offered by travel service providers that covers ticket, hotel and travel. As a result, the comprehensive booking business will offer huge development potential. Qunar launched the "Travel Deals Search" to grasp this market opportunity.

Qunar Chief Executive Officer, Fritz Demopoulos, thought the launch of the "Travel Deals Search" provides a highly efficient method for online travel providers to offer three major travel products to consumers while filling the blanks of the Chinese online travel search market. Travel providers of all sizes have the equal opportunity to show themselves on the search website. As the most efficient new media platform between consumers and travel providers, the "Travel Deals Search" will promote the depth of the overall online travel industry while enhancing the scale of the online travel sector across the entire Chinese tourism industry.

About Qunar

Based in Beijing, is a vertical search engine that focuses on providing the most comprehensive and accurate pricing information for travel services. Qunar's users are able to search and compare prices for flights and accommodation - all the information that travelers need before making a purchase decision.

Launched in May 2005, the web site has quickly become one of the top travel media in China and is recognized as the "new star" in the Chinese online travel space. Qunar offers an audience that represents China's upwardly mobile new generation of consumers who are frequent travelers, comfortable with online transactions and willing to spend a significant amount of their disposable income on traveling to new and exciting places.

Qunar means "Where are you going?" in Mandarin Chinese.

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