Read Before You Buy! 5 Tips on Shopping for Corsets at

2012-03-15 03:00 603

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As we know, the corset is an important article of underclothing which helps in shaping and achieving the perfect look for many women.

Before rashly buying a corset top that isn't really comfortable to wear, you really should read the following tips:

1. Choose whether you are going to wear it on its own or under clothing

Corsets worn as an external garment are usually fancier than when worn under clothes. There are a number of external corsets at that actually do not use ribbons as a fastener, instead they use zips with inner straps, or in some of the more fancy corsets, we may see the use of the combination of buttons and straps.

2. Make sure the fabric is of high quality

True corsets need to have strong fabric, such as a heavy-weight canvas which supports the structure. This is not necessarily the outer layer that people see. There is usually a fashionable layer of fabric which is more pleasing to the eye. You should be able to yank on a corset's fabric without worrying that you're going to rip it apart.

3. Choose wisely on color

If you are buying a corset to wear underneath a garment make sure that the corset is the same color as the garment. If there is a stark contrast between the color of your corset and the covering garment, it can affect the impression you hope to give.

4. Pay attention to the style of pattern on the corset

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying corsets at to wear under clothes is that they forget that patterns affect the way the clothes on the top of the corset will sit. We have seen some fantastic corsets for wedding dresses. However, when the dress is over these unsuitable corsets, the dress looks distorted even when firmly tied.

5. Lace-up corsets need strong laces

Fashion magazines often paint pictures of corsets with ribbons running down a woman's back with everything looking and fitting beautifully. While it might look lovely, these won't last unless the ribbon is somehow incredibly strong. Most lace-up corsets use something similar to shoe strings because these get the job done nicely, and they won't give way too much or break too easily.

Last but not least, corsets are commonly worn as one of the most important fashion items, so anyone interested to invest in a corset should consider the appearance, fabric and knitting of it when choosing. always reminds that the quality of the corset is just as important as how great it looks or else it won't last very long. Price is not the only thing you should think twice about!