Redefine Price and Performance for Carrier Ethernet and Packet Transport

SUZHOU, China, March 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Centec Networks, a leading innovator of IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced turnkey system solutions, today announced it has expanded its family of advanced packet-processing chipsets to include third-generation switching silicon GreatBelt series, integrates Layer 2 through Layer 4 packet-processing engine and advanced traffic manager. GreatBelt provides cost, performance and power advantages and feature differentiations for OEMs to build competitive Access and Aggregation systems, targeting Carrier Ethernet and Packet Transport applications.

GreatBelt provides 120Gbps switching capacity and supports adaptive interface speed including 1GE/2.5GE/XAUI/QSGMII/XFI via SmartPortTM technology. It integrates large internal memory for look up table and patented Flexible Table Management (FTMTM ) to enable application tailored memory allocation with up to 128K MAC addresses or up to 64K LPM routes.

Taking the advantages of IBM's low power 45nm technology and embedded TCAM and DRAM technologies, GreatBelt has industry leading power performance with 15W typical power consumption at maximum capacity, which is 40% less than other comparable solutions.

GreatBelt is built upon Centec's carrier grade Service Oriented N-CubeTM Architecture for rapid and easy carrier service deployment and management. GreatBelt inherits all features from Centec's second generation switching silicon and strengthened with the latest innovations for Carrier Ethernet and Packet Transport.

  • Built-in industrial's most comprehensive OAM engine, supports Ethernet OAM/ MPLS-TP OAM (Y.1731 and BFD based) and IP/MPLS OAM (BFD) for both PTN and IP-RAN;
  • Both UP and DOWN MEPs for service OAM and Performance Monitoring;
  • Linear and ring based hierarchical protection switching for both service level and transport level protection;
  • Hierarchical scheduling/shaping and MEF's new HBWP for more efficient service SLA management;
  • Service Activation Test and RFC2544 throughput test for service tune up testing;
  • One-step IEEE1588v2 Transparent Clock and PTP's MPLS encapsulation for 1588 over MPLS and MPLS-TP networks;
  • Support for MPLS-TP Shared Ring Protection (MSRP) draft and L2VPN/L3VPN gateway function to address specific requirements by leading carriers in China;
  • Featured SDN innovation such as multi-stage flow table with up to 32K hash based flow entries for future proof SDN networks.

"In an Ethernet switch-chip market dominated by just a few vendors, Centec is offering differentiated alternative solutions," said Bob Wheeler, Senior Analyst at The Linley Group. "GreatBelt's overall performance, feature set, cost and power savings, combined with Centec's system approach, should appeal to OEMs that are themselves trying to differentiate and compete without vendor lock-in."

"GreatBelt redefines the performance and features for carrier access and aggregation for CE service and Packet Transport with the most advanced service OAM and protection capability, combined with superb cost and power savings, which have contributed to several design wins including Tier-one vendors in China," said Tao Gu, VP of Business Development from Centec. "We will continue to innovate with more competitive switching silicon to drive down the cost for OEMs, in addition, we also provide bundle tools such as Early Access Development Platform, turnkey software solution and R&D level support to OEMs to further reduce the R&D risk and shorten Time to Market."

Availability and Price

GreatBelt is sampling now, with volume production scheduled for the Q3 2013. A complete reference design is also available with turnkey system software. Volume price of GreatBelt is below $100. Please check with or our local Rep for price scheme and availability.

Early Access Development Platform (EADP)

Centec has shipped an Early Access Development Platform (EADP) to selective customers. EADP is an innovative silicon evaluation and system development platform. It's built on Centec Silicon Functional Model (SFM) embedded in an actual hardware platform. EADP enables concurrent software and hardware development for GreatBelt-based systems, and provides rich troubleshooting capability to speed up the software development process. Please visit Early Access Development Platform (EADP) for more details.

GreatBelt Family

GreatBelt has three variants targeting different market segments. CTC5160 is for carrier Ethernet and packet transport; CTC5163 is for enterprise and data center; and CTC5165 is for MAC aggregation. Please visit GreatBelt Family for more details.

About Centec Networks

Centec Networks is a technology leader providing high-speed carrier-grade IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced ODM/OEM system solutions. Since 2005, Centec has delivered a series of silicon and system products, covering a wide range of carrier access and aggregation market. Centec's cutting-edge silicon products and system solutions enable telecom/network equipment vendors to build complete product portfolios with dramatically reduced development costs and rapidly improved time-to-market.

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