Riding on theme of "Mobile Is Everything" at MWC 2016, Viettel Shares Its Strategy To Close Development Gap Among Countries Through Telecom

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BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Mobile World Congress today, Viettel outlined its differentiated business strategy for emerging markets. This is the company's second year exhibiting at the Congress, being the first and only Vietnamese company to exhibit in 2015. Viettel's goal across its operations in Asia, Africa and the Americas is to connect people across geographies and socio-economic conditions, through widespread telecominfrastructure, broad network coverage, and competitively-priced telecom services. Considering telecom as key to bridging the development gaps among countries, the company outlined the key elements of its Mobile is Everything strategy:

  1. Universalize access to mobile broadband services to entire populations
  2. Promote application of ICT to support governments through cost-efficient, sustainable e-government platforms
  3. Expand application of ICT to critical sectors including Education and Healthcare

Tao Duc Thang, deputy general director of Viettel Global said, "The theme of this year's MWC speaks to our vision of fostering a smarter society and government through mobile connectivity. In a mobile-first world, this trend of convergence and mobile is accelerating quickly. We see huge opportunities to unleash the power of mobile to drive growth in emerging economies. We are confident that our capabilities and differentiated offerings will help us unlock the potential of mobile-driven growth and services in these key markets."

Viettel has proven its experience and expertise in overseas investment. Viettel's differentiated market investment strategy has helped the company achieve market leading position in key markets including Cambodia (Metfone), Laos (Unitel), Haiti (Natcom) and Mozambique (Movitel) in terms of network infrastructure or subscribers and revenues, connecting more than 20 million people.

About Viettel
Viettel is one of the world's fastest growing telecom operators. It has been well known as a pioneer who has ushered in a telecommunications revolution in just a few years, transforming telecom services to a commodity for all social classes and to all rural and remote areas. Viettel is placed among the top 15 telecom companies by cellular connections (ranked by GSMA's Wireless Intelligence). At the end of 2015, Viettel is providing services in 10 countries across Asia, Africa and America with 270 million population and 85 million customers, bringing in a total revenue of US$10.5 billion, ranking amongst the top largest enterprises of Vietnam.

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