SENSORO Supports Android's Nearby Feature for User with Experience Enhancements

2016-06-10 00:15 1617

SEATTLE, June 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Google today announced its latest feature named "Nearby". Nearby lets Android developers use BLE Beacon technology to deliver relevant apps and mobile web sites to people based on their location.

SENSORO has already provided the support for Nearby Notifications in all its BLE smart device product lines. SENSORO is also a solution partner with "", featured in The Broad museum in Los Angeles, United States.

Nearby lets users discover apps or information around them. It interacts user's mobile device (Android 4.4+, Google Play Services 9.2+) with Bluetooth and Location turned on. Eddystone, an open BLE format from Google, works with Nearby, including UID, EID or URL frame types to associate experiences with beacons.

Nearby simplifies the app discovery process through proximity awareness

Users might not be interested in some apps because they are too cumbersome for installation. However, compared with the browsers, apps on the intelligent mobile terminals are more convenient to use, with more simplified and easier user interface, etc. But the problem is how to introduce the apps to users at right time and location. Nearby aims to solve the problem by recommending highly relevant apps based on proximity. When a user enters the range covered by the Beacon, the nearby apps' links will be automatically notified to users. If the user has already installed the app, it will directly bring up the app. Otherwise, it will encourage the user to install the app in Google Play. Users have their choice of whether or not to install the apps, or operate on the web for further services.

Furthermore, the download links for the apps are ensured to be safe. The Beacon Developers can associate their website or apps with beacons, to provide low priority notifications when found by nearby Android devices. The notification provides useful and helpful information in the spot.

Nearby application in museum for real

Imagine when you walk into the museum, you may urgently need a guide. At that time, the museum's app information and installation link. Just click installation link, you could quickly enjoy the guide services provided by the museum app. This is one of real user scenarios that Nearby for Android implements.

The service will be applied in The Broad museum soon in Los Angeles. With the cooperation between and SENSORO, the Nearby feature will help museum visitors to install the museum APP, which will enhance the tour experience by providing contextual museum information with the latest technology.

Nearby can also be used in other scenarios. For example, when you walk into the airport, you need to change a flight reservation. At that time, you receive the airport app installation notification, with which you will be able to change seat through simple operations easily.

Since April, 2016, SENSORO has supported Eddystone's security EID framework. Now SENSORO provides the technical support for Nearby. SENSORO is the Beacon leader manufacturers of the world, who has the largest Beacon network. It makes international showcases in catering, retail, transportation, smart buildings, smart tourism, smart cities, and other industries. SENSORO is also planning the latest Alpha Space Base Station which will be released in the next quarter. The Alpha Space Base Station will be devoted to providing better, smarter, and more convenient service in people's daily life.

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