Sensoro teams ups with K11 and Sparta Digital to Provide Groundbreaking Eddystone-EID Beacon Technology

2016-04-18 23:00 1930

SEATTLE, April 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensoro, the world's first beacon manufacturer offering enterprise level hardware, announced that its devices provide full support for Google's new beacon frame in the Eddystone format, Eddystone-EID. Eddystone-EID works by frequently changing ephemeral identifiers and only allowing authorized clients to decode them.

Through Eddystone-EID, Sensoro makes receiving contextual information more secure, and prevents spoofing, malicious asset tracking, and other unpermitted access. Beacons with support for Eddystone-EID make it safer to transmit information from beacons to smart devices.

Sensoro is one of the now 25 global beacon manufacturers designated by Google, and four case studies have been published by Google for Eddystone-EID, half of which are provided by Sensoro. Sensoro has teamed up to provide beacon technology for K11, a Hong Kong museum and retail experience, and with Sparta Digital, a system integrator and app development consultancy.


K11 is a global high-end lifestyle brand operator under the New World Group that emphasizes the blending of art, people, and nature. K11's groundbreaking partnership with Sensoro utilizes its location-based Eddystone-EID beacons. Visitors can receive real-time promotional information and get on-demand audio tour guide services. With Sensoro's beacons deployed throughout K11's premises, visitors can chat on the information board and make new connections. Through the use of Eddystone and Sensoro technology, K11 is able to bring an innovative, integrated, and unique shopping experience to Hong Kong.

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Sparta Digital

Sensoro's Beacons operates with Sparta Digital's Buzzin analytics platform to enable businesses to deliver digital experiences based on a user's current physical context and location. Over 100 Sensoro Beacons have been installed throughout the City of Manchester's public transportation system, museums, art galleries, libraries and local stores. With Sensoro's technical support, Sparta Digital can send notifications to users' smart devices - notifications like the latest news, promotional information from participating stores, and transit times and travel updates. Together, Sensoro and Sparta Digital hope to develop Manchester into a leading smart city.

About Sensoro

Sensoro, founded in July 2013 at the Microsoft Ventures, and in less than 3 years, Sensoro has become the world's first beacon manufacturer offering enterprise level hardware, and has sold over 300,000 units worldwide. Sensoro has clients across 52 countries and regions, including over 80 global brands, such as Sea-Tac International Airport, Toyota, China Railway High-speed, Real Madrid, Chow Tai Fook, K11, and Pizza Hut.

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