Shengli Announces the Success of the Three-machine and Three-strand Continuous Casting Machine Project

Shengli Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.
2012-08-09 20:57 1041

FUZHOU, China, August 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- In July 2012, Shengli Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. announced the success that Ajiang Company - a Vietnamese customer - achieved in the hot commissioning of the three-machine and three-strand Continuous Casting Machine project on its official website ( The success in the hot commissioning of the three-machine and three-strand continuous caster project will definitely lead Shengli to a new starting point.

Shengli Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates scientific R&D, manufacturing, sales and services. It mainly produces continuous caster equipment, such as Billet Casting Machines, with an annual output of more than a hundred million yuan and annual production capacity of more than 60-strand continuous casters. The company has firmly ranked in the top in both South China and South Asia.

As one of the most well-known continuous casting machine manufacturers worldwide, in 2011, Shengli sold more than 60-strand continuous casters in the Chinese market, 30-strand in the Vietnamese market and 10-strand in the Iranian market. In 2012, the three-machine and three-strand Continuous Caster Project made a major breakthrough; namely the hydraulic stepping flip bed.

The hydraulic stepping turnover cooling bed adopts the stand-alone linkage mode. In working principle, it is a working process to take, move and convey billets by driving translation axle and lifting axle with traversing cylinder and lifting cylinder on the basis of a series of assembly principles. The scheme has achieved stand-alone control, reduced electrical control cost and meanwhile improved the rate of safe operations.

The innovative and considerate service concepts of Shengli have played a critically important role in the rapid market development. Shengli promises it will design and deliver complete sets of equipment according to customer requirements and assist customers in the installation and debugging, until the smooth production is confirmed, and will visit customers at a regular interval to guarantee quality of products.

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