Sichuan Tourism Promote Strong International Marketing in BFA

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QIONGHAI, China, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On 9th April 2014, Boao Night for Sichuan, jointly hosted by Sichuan Tourism Administration and Boao Forum for Asia (named as BFA in followings) secretariat, is expected to become a new high spot in BFA this year. Reflecting Sichuan Tourism Administration's new approach to promote its unique tourism resources to a higher level, this event will exhibit a series of tourism related activities to the audience.

Sichuan tourism promote strong international marketing in BFA

In order to gather all characteristic resources in the marketing pitch, relevant departments of Sichuan province have worked together to create a new information website named tsichuan and a series of new travel routes for tourists. The tsichuan web contains multi-lingual and detailed information about traveling in Sichuan. And the new routes include Panda Route, Sichuan Culinary Route, South Silk Road Route and Daocheng Aden Route which is known as the last Tibetan Shangri-La.

To comprehensively promote tourism in its Tibetan region, Sichuan Tourism Administration has launched ten essential self-drive travel routes across the province. It is believed that these ten new routes, which will be presented in Boao this time, can surely meet increasing demands from international markets such as Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

Moreover, Sichuan is known worldwide as the homeland of pandas. Mr. Hao Kangli, the director-general of Sichuan Tourism Administration, adds that as Chinese national treasure, Boao Night for Sichuan will set up a special program for pandas in BFA 2014.

Last year, Wang Zhifa, deputy director-general of National Tourism Administration, wrote a book named 'Daocheng Aden Tells You', in which the city's glamorous scenes caught the eye of the world. On Boao Night for Sichuan, the English version of this book would be launched too by the author. Meanwhile, the Awards of 'My Most Favorite Sichuan Book', founded by Sichuan Tourism Administration and Inc, will also be announced in the event.

As Hao said, the event is going to be a wonderfully creative effort aiming to bring influential people together to learn about and explore the beauty of Sichuan through a series of new media channels to maximize the effect. And this is the first attempt of any provincial tourism administration to make interregional and international marketing in the history of BFA. "It is a new approach for us. We are all looking forward to it."

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Source: Sichuan Tourism Administration
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