Sixtea Launches the First Online Chinese Cross-border Tea Business Platform

Hong Kong Sixtea International Trade Co., Limited
2016-03-31 21:00 2504

ENSHI, China, March 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese first cross-border commerce selenium tea platform Sixtea will be officially launched in the US and European countries on March 31, 2016. The domain Name is

Sixtea is a team consisting of a group of experts in internet technology and agriculture. With the exclusive Se Deposit from the World Selenium Capital, Enshi, our products carry the love for life, and the business philosophy of straight from tea garden to the cups. Sixtea intends to provide authentic selenium tea to all global tea enthusiasts. Let tea return to the embrace of nature, to reassure everyone to enjoy nature's gift, introduced by CEO, Robin.

Chinese tea has always been renowned in the international arena. Europe and America are the main export markets for Chinese tea. Due to the limited coverage and high cost of traditional offline retail platforms, it's difficult for customers to get superior Chinese tea. Through the Sixtea e-commerce platform, the circulating cost is highly reduced and genuine selenium tea will be directly delivered to consumers.

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Source: Hong Kong Sixtea International Trade Co., Limited